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Argema: we do not play on any megastars ..

Star Group ARGEMA September on the music scene for more than three decades. Quite rightly, because it can be included among the leading star of the Czech-Slovak rock music. It is popular not only because of its brisk melodies, but also captivating ballads. And all of her greatest hits as early as Friday, September 23 will be heard in the Šumperk House of Culture. The band are on the ground a few questions to find out what's new with her.

In the beginning, I would like to mention that Argema was already thirty-four years ago. Therefore rightly belong among the leading star of the Czech-Slovak rock scene. What do you think of in connection with the beginnings in the music industry?
A lot of enthusiasm, a lot of problems with finding good apparatus, which at that time was scarce, but mostly a lot of dreams that one day we will play in front of an audience. It was at that time not easy, but time has shown that it was good that we stayed and left to silence the then overlord.

For the band when you choose a name according to the largest African moth. Why did you choose that particular instrument?
We had guys with ideas much more, but the band's poll win this title. At that time the English names of bands forbidden, but even so we had to defend title Argema. Eventually it passed, but it was not easy.

Which moment in his career was the turning point in your opinion?

Anyway, there were two. The first time we did a complete program of Great Moravia, still in the days of normalization, and the other was a major after the first CD with a song Jarošov brewery. So we basically started a nationwide awareness Arge.

During the existence of the band took place in several personnel changes. How does it look in hindsight?
Everything bad is good for something. Currently we have certainly the best singer who ever worked in Arge, and mostly it's a great man in private. The assembly is now stable for a longer time and the number of appearances testifies that Argema took a second breath. It works us on a human level - and that's the main thing.

You have even devoted fans who go to concerts continuously since the beginning of your career or during the past thirty-four years, audiences have significantly changed?
Of course the audience changed over the years, although a few hardy time to time too will come to see how we played after all these years. They come to the concerts with their children, and so we grow new fans. And it is very good.

What do you lie so big success of the band?

Maybe it's because you are not playing for no megastars, we're laid back and we're long a fixture on the field of showbiz. For fame is so fleeting, you're on top today and tomorrow can be quickly down. Certainly on that they've got their share of our songs, which we at that time had passed quite a few, and many of them really as they say 'became popular.'

Can you recall the experience of the concert, which was really important to you?

Those experiences during that time was really a lot, but if I have to pinpoint something, and recently it was the concert of the thirtieth anniversary ARGEMA, which brought together almost all the musicians who worked in Arge. A great event, which gathered fans from across the country, but also from Slovakia, and we have created an amazing atmosphere.

They also last year began to collaborate with the Foundation Lucky Star. How did this happen?
We each year we undergo some gigs to help, whether disabled or sick children, and we actually contacted us and had the collaboration lasted.

Who is your role model and musical performers who like to listen to in your free time?

Musical patterns probably really do not have, but otherwise listen to whatever we like. There's a lot and do not choose what we listen to right now. It's just about the mood and the mood of.

The band is known to regularly releases new albums. I think this is really interesting given that today, the board withdrew rather than buying. What do you think about all this and where it could go next CD?

It is unfortunately true. But this entails the technical and time, as they say, can not stop progress. Unfortunately that we all must adapt. In any case we are preparing a new CD that we would like released next year. Name we do not know yet, but slowly prepare the material that we would like to shoot in the winter and during the year issued.

Do you have any future plans that you'd like to share with our readers?

Certainly a lot of concerts, but mostly it is on track to have long-heralded book about Arge, so hopefully it will finally take. Our former bassist Joe Holomáč the job of writing and it looks very good. So hopefully it works out.

Let me invite all fans to your gig at the House of Culture Šumperk, which will take place on Friday 23th September. What can we look forward to during your performances?
Anyway we play their best hits as Jarošov brewery, this is paradise, Blue Monday, but also hear some newer songs. Just such a small cross section of our work so far.

And finally a message for visitors Šumperk concert ...
We're so looking forward to you and we hope that together we use a lot.

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