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Palac Akropolis: Kieslowski celebrates 5 years at a special concert

Palac Akropolis: Kieslowski celebrates 5 years at a special concert In late September Palac Akropolis going to a big party. David Pomahač and Marie Kieslowski has repeatedly proven that Kieslowski definitely not folk duo meditative character.

In five years, they have managed a lot and so on stage to reveal a number of guests from previous cooperation on various recordings of this duo. "By Wednesday, 9.21 we want at Palac Akropolis make a really special concert. With Mary, we believe that it will be a great evening. We will now have to disclose all the guests, but it certainly will not miss Martin Hard aka Bonus, who was our example. Remixes, and Longital that we love. We will play a cross-section of our creation and pull even some older songs, "says David least part of the upcoming program, on Wednesday evening Kieslowski prepared.

Kieslowski for its five-year existence released three albums (Silent Love (2011), The Knife (2012), between the shoulder blades (2014)), one EP (Dancer (2012)) and one remix album (on the bed (2013)). They have had more than two hundred concerts and urban folk sounded in many European countries.

A series of songs created video clips of them as videos of David Mencl Normandy and Touches differs considerably from normal music video production. "We always try to find a director unconventional forms to express our tracks. We like our creation peek beneath the surface, "says Marie Kieslowski.

A number of ideas for video, of course, based on the songs, which are also a bit unusual, but not extravagant highlight the different situations in the relationship between two people. Kieslowski five years have gradually emerged from song-lo-fi underground and not just their songs, but also concerts are a real experience. Come and see to Palac Akropolis and celebrate five years of the band!

5th Birthday Kieslowski

Who: Kieslowski + Guests
Where: Palac Akropolis, Prague
When: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Source: tz

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