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The majestic deer Europe are under threat. Intersects with Asian deer Siko

One of the most threatened large vertebrates Czech countryside is by biologists red deer. The fault is its intersection with unoriginal related species - deer Siko. They were in the territory of the Czech branch imported in the 19th century from its original home in Asia.

The potential risk of crossing sika deer with deer Europe was said to be already in the 60s, but by Miloslav Jirků from the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Budejovice today most people do not know about the problem. Already in the '80s began as the situation is very serious, and in some areas were recorded crossing signs at more than 80 percent of all deer.

The culprit is by Miloslav Jirků long inaction of government, ignoring repeated warnings and the lack of targeted and systematic program that could statuses sika regulate. "The question is, if it is already too late and European red deer is basically a walking museum piece," says Miloslav Jirků .

Sika deer were imported, for example, in the 19th and 20th centuries to study in western Bohemia. The first herd of Asian deer are received from the canceled courses in Lipí into the wild in the 30s of the 20th century. A similar situation was repeated in 1948 with the abolition of disciplines Čeminy. Another herd fell into the countryside at the end of the Second World válkyna on the border of the current Olomouc and Pardubice regions for violating fencing disciplines in Žádlovice in Lostice became the base population is still living on Bouzovská. Today Sika is distributed throughout the western part of Bohemia, part of the Elbe and Pojizeří, part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, in the Southern Highlands and Zábřežská and appears in many other areas.

While male red deer grow height 175 to 230 cm and their weight is between 160 to 240 kg. Sika deer are much smaller. The tap can measure up to 110 cm and can weigh up to 125 kilograms. But although the European deer physical parameters of the upper hand in the long term loses points by Czech landscape. "Although smaller sika deer with fewer privileges, it can recover mating with does red deer. And because he is very mobile and is relatively resistant to interference, has combined these qualities edge over European deer, "says Jan Robovský from the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice.

Yet sika get the list of non-native species whose spread is trying to prevent the European Union and whose imports and exports are banned since August this year. "It's a mistake," says Jan Robovský. Dissemination sika deer poses by Dalibor Dostal of the Czech countryside for native species significantly greater risk than, for example, an overgrowth of wild pigs. Therefore, it should be according to him, in this species as soon as permitted year-round hunting, just like in the case of wild boar.

They were hunters, who have their time in Europe popular imported exotic species of game and the negative impact of the sika deer currently negatively but also feeling especially theirs. Trophies of caught hybrids are worthless, which may lead to a decline in profits from fee hunting.

At the same time just by naturalists hunters can play a crucial role in the rescue of red deer. In their game reserves could arise in the future Conservation Breeding of red deer. Part of the rescue of red deer should also prevent the spread of sika deer in areas where populations of our deer still genetically pure, such as the Giant Mountain National Park.

Besides Asian deer were to enrich the spectrum of game in European nature imported also pheasants, mouflon, goat Bezoar or Jelenec-tailed. "Very current is also the massive discharge of hybrid ducks, which are essentially domesticated animals, incapable of long survive in nature - as well as those cross with ducks indigenous and slowly but surely genetically degrade our domestic wild ducks, "says Miloslav Jirků another problem in the future.


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