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In Montenegro most beautiful beaches, nature and fine cuisine

Republic of Montenegro in recent years for Czech tourists very popular holiday destination. As it offers many temptations. Mountains and national parks will delight fans of cycling and hiking, ancient cities again history lovers. There is also a clean sea and some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. If they want this year to go to the sea, consider Montenegro. And in the fall, there is warm weather.

Europe's youngest state, autonomous and independent Montenegro, June 3, 2006 was established as the successor state to the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Over time, then the country has become a very popular holiday destination. "The Czechs even in birth Cernohorske tourism. Like Croatia were the first tourists in the country right from the Czech Republic, "said Michal Tuma (Invia). It is interesting that Montenegro is not part of the European Union, but the euro also applies here. For travel within the country is, however, still needed a passport. Prices in shops and restaurants are then similar domestically.

Savour cured ham or fresh seafood

Lovers of good food while visiting Montenegro have something to look forward to. Local food is flavorful and distinctive composed of fresh, local ingredients. Inland, coastal and mountain cuisine is different though. At sea Expect plenty of fish and seafood. Each meal is also fresh fruit and vegetables, are popular especially oranges, figs, olives, asparagus, nettles and onions. In the mountains, then you can try the prosciutto - a local specialty in the form of dry, thinly sliced ​​ham, whose preparation is subject to strict rules and lasts up to eight months. Other typical dishes include pljeskavica, fried cake of minced meat served with sprinkled with feta cheese, or a thick soup with vegetables and meat called plowing. In the beverage can taste delicious coffee, tea and wine. Whoever wants something stronger, then it can taste brandy - very strong brandy made ​​from grapes or grain.

Ideal weather for sunburn

The Balkan country is so popular with tourists also because it offers an ideal climate. In the land of the subtropical belt because there are hot summers with temperatures around 28 ° C, the sun shines here in addition to 2,500 hours per year. And in the autumn thus the sea there are pleasant temperatures. Temperature of about 25 ° C also provides the sea itself. The place will not come and those who rest on a hot beach neholdují. Just visit the mountainous areas of the country where the summer holds pleasant temperatures ideal for tourism.

National parks with lakes and beautiful flowers

Montenegro boasts beautiful, wild and unspoiled nature. In the mountains you encounter a variety of fauna and flora and vast pastures. There is also the four National Parks. Limestone Park Durmitor attracted to orchids, bluebells and other interesting plants in the National Park Biogradska gora turn, you can admire the glacial lakes monumental bicentennial oaks. To mention but definitely worth also Park Lovcen and the largest freshwater lake in the Balkan Peninsula - Skadar Lake - whose level rises slightly and allows you to explore in detail the development of local wetlands.

Europe's most beautiful beaches with perfect service

Beaches in Montenegro is one of the experts say the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Two kilometers long beach in Becici, for example, was launched in 1935 in Paris as the most beautiful beach in Europe. The beaches are clean and unlike Croatia, very large. In the country are mainly sandy and pebble beaches that are only slightly sloped. A gradual approach to the sea appreciated especially families with children and older people. "All the beaches, moreover maintain excellent facilities, there is a possibility to rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs and sporting equipment, but also the number of quality restaurants and bars," said Tuma. Even more Montenegrin beaches but interesting. Beaches Yachting, Cuba libre, Porto, Club 32 and Stevuzo example, were awarded the Blue Flag, a major international award, which represents a high standard of environmental protection, clean sea and beaches.

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