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Tame diabetes healthy lifestyle!

It is time to stand up to face it. Yes, you have diabetes. At its inception you probably have yourself a large proportion. But the miracle cure or a kind of mysterious "cause" look. We can only follow the rules and think about your health, not convenience.

The hunger strike is nonsense

A few years ago the media was sensational news that scientists have discovered a miracle cure diabetes: it can be cured by fasting. Participants said the research were two months kept at abnormally poor diet . Certain temporary positive changes were actually recorded, but after transferring respondents back on a normal diet is quickly restored to its previous state. It took place for the huge risks that diabetics represents hypoglycemia, ie a situation where the blood is very low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia can without immediate treatment even lead to death of the patient. Hopefully, it is not necessary to emphasize that treat diabetes starvation is really not a good idea .

Avoid chemistry

Looking for ways to retain their old benefits, such as the need desserts and sweetened drinks? Certainly not good to venture into mindless consumption of artificial sweeteners. On the market there are numerous. Some are harmless, others suspect or at least more potentially dangerous. Anyway, one of the substances, without which we can eliminate and which his body just more work. When diabetes is suitable for light, varied and valuable diet with plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. What does that mean in practice?
For example, increasing the proportion of wholemeal bread and wheat alternate with other sources of starch (rice, rye, oats etc.). The market is a myriad of different cereals and legumes with interesting flavors. Their consumption will deliver long-term supporters of white wheat flour a lot of new energy.
Of course there is fruit and vegetables. When you give them a second job, conjure up amazing dishes.
Quality protein from fish, eggs and red meat
diet complement, but should not be its backbone.
Fermented dairy products regulate the intestinal flora and provide calcium and a number of vitamins.

With supplements with caution

It may be that you are allergic to certain foods, badly you spend or you just desperately distasteful. In such a situation can help supplements. You should, however, introduce into your diet without telling your doctor. It is always necessary to check that they are suitable for diabetics. Look for products that contain vitamins, fiber and probiotics. Choose carefully, and not by ad and be interested in particular about the quality of the composition.

Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká
Source: u Lékař

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