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Rio Olympic Park Lipno visited the Czech Olympians, including the three medalists

Rio Olympic Park Lipno Tuesday afternoon was the first place where the Czech Olympians after returning from the scene of the games in Rio de Janeiro, met with the public. In the thirty-member group of sportsmen there were also three medalists George Prskavec, Ondrej Synek and Luke Krpálek.

Olympians arrived from Brazil in the early morning to Prague, three helicopters then transported directly to Lipno, where they spent the whole afternoon.

"I want to thank the Army and Police of the Czech Republic, allowing us to arrange a flight on a helicopter lake. Athletes are tired after a long journey, but we did not have to persuade anyone. We enjoyed the atmosphere and energy in the Olympic Park recharges us, "said George Kejval, chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee.

Its program in the Olympic Park athletes started at noon in the studio of Czech Television after being welcomed Deputy Governor of the South Bohemian Region Jaroslav Slíva (CSSD) and the Chief of General Staff Joseph Bečvář.

Afterwards, most of the expedition firsthand tried several of the 47 sports and attraction in the Olympic Park are open to the public until August 21.

Silver kayaker George Prskavec example, went on a boating facility in Loučovice, Mirka Topinková Knapková visited the athletics in Frymburk, on the tables for table tennis competed Lubomir Jančařík, Iveta Vacenovská and rider Jan Barta again jumped from the eight-meter high tower into a rubber inflatable cushion.

Olympians finished their performances on the main stage at the heart of the Olympic Park, where thousands of fans greeted them. Overall, the park has surpassed 200,000 visits.

"It's great that we have from Rio headed Lipno, where we are all fans kept their fingers crossed,"
said Luke Krpálek Judoka with a gold medal around his neck, around which created a swarm of dozens of applicants for signature.

"I am surprised that everything was decorated in style. The people were amazing, too welcome pit. I think we all have enjoyed together, "smiled
Judoka Pavel Petrikov.

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