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Abuse of heroin and painkillers gathering pace

In 2013, died in the US 46,000 people a drug overdose. More than half of these cases were caused by the consumption of heroin or painkillers. But experts warn lives begin to be responsible for entirely new drugs.

The numbers are rising

The US Federal Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued late last year when the results of assessment reports of the national drug threat (NDTA). It indicates that drug overdoses in the United States is a more frequent cause of death than from road traffic accidents or gunshot wounds. Between 2013 and 2014 occurred in the US, according to available information, a significant increase in the number of current heroin users (individuals who admitted using heroin in the past 30 days), and a massive 51%. Also, the amount of heroin seized has risen from 2010 to almost twice (in 2010 it was about 2763 kg, in 2014 it was already 5013 kg). Most drugs yet come from the countries of South America and Mexico.

the risk of overdose

Since 2002, surpassing the number of deaths due to the use of prescription drug deaths due to cocaine and heroin combined. Excessive consumption of products on the recipe currently trumps the abuse of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, MDMA and PCP (angel's dust). Synthetic opioid fentanyl, which is up to 40 × stronger than heroin, caused by late 2013 to early 2015 in the United States more than 700 deaths. Highly effective opioids pose a tremendous risk of fatal overdose, especially if they are sold to unsuspecting users as heroin or added to the drug.

addictive news

Besides the upward trend in the abuse of heroin and opioid analgesics represent by said assessment reports of the national drug threat of danger as well hundreds of new and hitherto unknown synthetic drugs. These are the United States imported mainly from China. These are mainly synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones, which are sold as a substitute for amphetamine, MDMA and other stimulants. With a number of these substances it is now possible to meet also in Europe, including the Czech Republic.

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