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Beware of the peddler, who was posing as a representative Dtest

Some itinerant vendors claim to offer a contract of mass changes to energy suppliers organized Dtest. It has never been offered in the context of doorstep selling. If you decide peddler power over their threshold to let go, do not sign anything without discretion. If they still do, there is always the option to cancel the contract.

At the Consumer Advisory Dtest recently turning consumers that is visited by itinerant vendors offered a contract from Dtest organized mass changes to energy suppliers. "Login to change our collective energy suppliers is currently no longer possible. Additionally offer tendered in our campaign was never offered through doorstep selling, "explains the situation Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The risks of doorstep selling dTest long informs and generally in relation to energy supplies. Also pointed to problems with some energy auctions, which in the past took place in the Czech Republic. It was an auction in which the consumer has signed a binding advance without knowing the auction conditions, including the conditions of the contract for the supply of energy.

Doorstep selling is banned in many municipalities. Traders, however, circumvent the ban by a visit by telephone agreed. At the consumer's home then they proceed according to typical scenarios doorstep selling. "If you decide doorstep sellers act not to sign a contract with them, nor any other documents which can, for example, argues that it is a confirmation of receipt of their materials for approval sending a non-binding offer or proof that you have done for the visit, which they need for their employer. It might in reality be for example a binding registration, contract or request a change of supplier. Everything, then, after their retirement in peace view, "says Green.

If you do sign a contract, you still have the option to opt out of it easily. In the case of a contract outside of the usual business premises it is because energy supplier is obliged before the start of deliveries provide the consumer with information about the contract, including the form of withdrawal. "From the moment you receive from your supplier withdrawal form, you have 14 days to you from contract without penalty resigned. If your supplier can not provide withdrawal form, you have the right to withdraw within one year and 14 days from the signing of the contract. In addition, you have the right to terminate the contract within 15 days from the start of energy supply with a 15 day notice period running from the first day of the month following the month in which the notice was delivered to your suppliers, "he closes with Green.

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