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Where can we leave home despite losing money?

Each of us enjoying the moment when the door closes behind her home, happily embarking on a vacation. But before you leave your home, make sure you stop the water, gas and disengage from the socket all that is needed. Secure a carefree return home and not pay too much money for extra energy. What should we secure before departure?

Before leaving the cottage or holidays, according to experts pays to check several things. In principle, we should turn off and unplug from the electrical outlet, all appliances except for the refrigerator and freezer, which is also suitable defrosted. If you want to avoid any possible inconvenience to neighbors vytopenými, turn off the water. Finally, go through all the rooms and check whether there somewhere left the lights on. What's next? It tells you the following tips ..

Cash flow unnecessarily dripping faucets

Who saves, has dripping taps. Water consumption during a holiday or a longer stay at the cottage minimize control of taps or toilets. "The biggest losses in households represent dripping faucets or toilet flowing. If not fix a bad seal can flow through us needlessly each year hundreds of thousands of crowns. Expensive is the operation of air conditioning, so here we are going on vacation also strongly recommended to turn off, "says Michaela Špačková (E.ON Advisor).

unplug appliances

The moment will come summer storm, it is advantageous to have a household under control. May just come running in days that you spend away from home. If you want to avoid the risk of fire in the apartment and not to waste unnecessary money on energy, it is always good appliance off. "In terms of energy consumption is advisable to turn off particular wireless router, older TV, amplifier and Hi-Fi kits which have higher consumption in idle mode labeling as stand-by, "says Karel Murtinger (Ekowatt) and adds that saves considerable frequently will also be empty and turn off the refrigerator.

How dearly you can go stand-by mode?

According to the EU directive that consumption of electrical appliances in standby mode, known as a stand-by mode, not in the majority appliances exceed 0.5 W. "However, we are running that old appliances are made ​​from 5 to 10 years ago, it may be about their consumption order of magnitude higher than that given in the Directive of the European Union, "says Karel Murtinger.

"Among the most appliances include desktop computer for the whole day functioning of the year we can pay up to 1,400 crowns more. Consumption computer in stand-by mode is usually significantly higher than when the computer is turned off, taking off completely can unplug it, "adds Councillor for E.ON Špačková.

To protect the pool against pollution

Do you want to save the hassle with polluted water in the pool? Do not forget the water before leaving on vacation to conceal. "Owners of outdoor pools should it be, if it is technically possible, drape. Which will reduce evaporation of water from the surface and water pollution, "explains Sonia Jonášová, director of the Institute of circular economy.
The owners of the gardens can save money on their property, if they use rainwater. Earthworms can water the lawn and flower beds, but must also wash the car. Before leaving, think of its provision. "If you collect rainwater, prepare the capture vessels and ensure drainage of excess rainwater. Tank cover, if possible, avoid causing water pollution and to prevent any drowning of small animals or pets, "says Jonášová.

Air quality at home thanks to micro-ventilation

If you ensure that your house to check on someone during the time when you're away, do not be afraid to leave the apartment ajar window. "In the summer time I definitely left some room open for ventilation, windows, or at least in a position for micro-venting. It's not even as a matter of saving money, but rather the quality of the air in the apartment, "explains Michal Doležel of the portal In any case, it is advisable before leaving on vacation do not turn off the security system.

Vacation treatment of domestic sewage

Owners of domestic sewage should not forget to switch wastewater into dovolenkového mode, which is most of the plants on the market equipped. "For long-term interruption of the treatment plant is necessary before leaving the wastewater either exhausted or run at idle and" feed "microorganisms therein dwell , "advises Jonášová. The required flow of sewage, even for a few weeks or months, for example, replace the automatic supply of substrate.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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