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Complaints tour - something to remember

You returned from vacation disillusioned of services that provide you with a travel agency? Accommodation was worse, distance from the sea did not match the information in the catalog and promised a pool completely missing? Defend yourself and defects tour complaint.

Travel agency as a tour organizer is responsible for ensuring that the tour will be in accordance with the contract, whether it has to provide services itself or another agreed-upon service provider, thus, for example, hotel or airline. "The complaints you can always go directly to the travel agency. If the trip is mediated by another travel agency, it is possible to notify defects trip here, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest, adding:" The appearance of a trip determines a recording contract or a confirmation of the tour, one of which must be in writing . Ohlídejte think that all you workers of travel agency promised verbally, it was also stated in the contract, confirmation of the catalog or other instructions. "

If the holiday does not proceed as it should, the travel agency has the obligation to provide redress. Your needs will vary according to the seriousness of the shortcomings and possibilities for their elimination. "Firstly, the travel agency must ensure the continuation of the tour at the price of lower quality services, where the difference in the price of customer returns. Conversely, a higher standard always paid the travel agency from her, "notes Green. If this is a substantial defect (must be ordered hotel with a luxury sports complex is still being built), it is the law of continuation customer refuse to tour and be transported back home.

Is not responsible if, for example, view from the room or equipment contracted requirements, it is necessary to act now and claim the place. The customer should immediately notify his delegate that the situation is different from the contract and require immediate correction or at least ask for issuing written proof of the claim. "Keep in mind that any alleged deficiencies will need to prove in some way, such as photographs. Such evidence may also serve the testimony of other tour participants, "says Green.

To redress specify a deadline. Inaction travel agent or delegate will then entitle the necessary measures to arrange themselves, and costs incurred to submit a travel agent for reimbursement.

For defects, which are not much he could do about, there is only entitled to financial compensation. The discount comes into play in situations where it is typically not possible to remedy the defect or he is not the time, such as missing the promised swimming or less comfort on the way back to the airport. You can follow the so-called. Frankfurt table discounts, according to which decisions mainly German courts. According to her, by example, by missing the pool was possible to request a discount of 10-20% and lower-class vehicle of up to 15% of the tour price.

The deadline for exercising the right to a discount of one month from the end of the tour. The claim must travel agency settle the claim within 30 calendar days. "If you reject the claim, you may be entitled to the discount in court or settle the dispute amicably," says Green.

Right to claim a rebate, however, claims the list does not stop there.
If you also suffered damage, it is possible to respect the office organizing tours in addition to exercise an entitlement to compensation, for example, has already paid for visas unexpectedly canceled the trip. Office does not match if the damage resulted from objective circumstances or was caused by a third party not connected with the provision of tourism services.

Travel agency must also compensate for disruptions holiday for example by shortening or completely frustrated. "This is the so-called loss of enjoyment of the holiday," says Green, and explains: "So if you have been reported to leave for the employer and the travel agency will move the date of the trip so that he can not attend, you will be entitled for compensation for the loss of vacation, even if you have yourself the contract on tour this reason resign. "

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