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Hop-Pickers. The most famous Czech musical returns to cinemas.

Legendary Hop-Pickers after more than fifty years, returning to the big screen. Ageless cinematic achievement will be presented in a digitally restored as a new generation of viewers at the Summer Film School in the town of.

Movie musical from the middle hop brigade was fifty-two years ago, but his humor and songs grew up a generation of viewers: the most appealing is the main heroes of the rebellion, irony and brisk timeless songs of George Maláska, Jiri Bazant and Vlastimil Hala. Substantial share of the qualities most famous Czech musical scenario has Vratislav Blazek, who was also the author of lyrics.
Author team sends to fight for the right to love to hop brigade outwardly mismatched pair - highbrow nerds Philip (Vladimir Pucholt) and charming, practical Hank (Ivan Pavlov). Defensively lovers classmates becomes pragmatic conformist Honza (Milos Zavadil) and involuntary "Judge" zhřešivších delinquents dubbed Professor John Amos (Irena Kačírková).

The relaxed atmosphere of the mid-sixties, enabled the filmmakers headed by director Ladislav Rychman balance the themes of morality and generational conflict satirical subtext. Storyline, interspersed with dance numbers and songs, many of which have almost become folk songs, framed by a trio of guitarists in the symbolic role of guides.

In the domestic context, innovative genre film, shot in the spirit world musical masters, celebrated spectacular success already at the time of its introduction. After its premiere in the summer of 1964 saw it in theaters three million viewers. Credit for this should also generous visual and sound design of the film. On anamorphote widescreen format with four-channel magnetic recording sound particularly excelled dance numbers choreographed by Joseph hobbies. Awards at local competitions and festivals acquired not only the director and screenwriter Ladislav Rychman Vratislav Blazek, but also the authors of music (Jiri Bazant, George Malásek and Vratislav Blažek).

Digitizing and restoring the image professionally and organizationally backed by the National Film Archive in Prague was financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and the Czech Ministry of Culture. "The only surviving copy magnetic recording sound is unfortunately slightly shrunken, and therefore its transcript was not optimal. The music in this film extremely important, so we decided to use it as a source of audio transcript of that copy, which acquired the company Filmexport in 2003. As a result, we were able to restore the film into a form that contains both surround sound and retains the original wide screen format. He was digitized from the original camera negative. "Said restorer NFA Jeanne Pommeau.

The basic mission of the National Film Archive is to take care of our film heritage and make them accessible to the general public. "At present it is one of our core activities, digital film restoration. Thanks to today's audiences can be in digital cinemas to watch the classic works of our cinema in a form that is close to what they saw and heard the audience in cinemas during the first introduction. Hop-Pickers are one of the films that have managed to return to the big screen thanks to the highly professional cooperation conservators from the National Film Archive with experts from laboratories Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap, "adds Michal Bregant, director of the National Film Archive.

Renewed premiere of Hop-Pickers will be held on Friday, 07/29 from 20:30 and on Saturday, June 30 as part of the Summer Film School in the town of.
After a renewed premiere of the movie musical NFA to distribute for use in cinemas, on television and at film festivals.

Trailer Hop-Pickers can watch here .

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