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Rosa & Dara won the main prize at the prestigious Festival of Animated Films in Seoul

Rosa & Dara won the main prize at the prestigious Festival of Animated Films in Seoul Czech animated film Rosa & Dara and their big holiday adventure competed at the just-completed Animation Festival SICAF in Seoul, South Korea, where he won major awards Distinction Award in the section SICAF KID. Recently I went to a movie and a book - Workbook activities Rosy & Gifts.

"The price for me is confirmation that our film has an international scope and outside it appreciates. I am delighted that the jury awarded in addition to the story and the visual concept of the film, "says director Martin Duda, who personally attended the festival.

The film released in theaters in October last year and is now also available on VOD had previously been successfully presented at Cartoon Forum in the French Touluse and festivals in Stuttgart (Internationales Trickfilm-Festival), Prague Short Film Festival, Slovak Febiofest or Academia Film Olomouc. Coming soon at the festival in Croatia Supertoon or Anibare Animation Festival in Kosovo.

Animated twins underwent book form as well as a workbook activities Rosy & Gifts. Entertainment workbook activities on holidays for children and their parents, includes 40 fully illustrated pages, 2 board games, tear diary, cutouts and postcards, comics, and drawing tasks, reading, solving mysteries. For small children who are just learning to read is also prepared audioverze recorded by Jana Štěpánková, Justyna Hrazdirová and Michaela Skalníková, which is free to download on a new family Web site. On viewers will find another short animated adventures, games, activities and other surprises for children. The site also contains a section for parents who find tips for further activities with children an additional film and book.

"The Adventures of Rosy and gifts are intended for children, boys and girls and their parents and grandparents. Viewers, especially younger ones, already today pursue stories in different ways, and we send them Rosu and Daru across - were seen in cinemas now on VOD, published a book on the web games and other short videos. We wanted it to be a true family fun to be able to share our film children and adults together. The success of the movie and the books and festival award is proof that we are succeeding, "says the film's producer

About the film

The first school day. Children recounts experiences from holidays. Traveled classmate taunts Rose and Dara, having spent holidays at grandma and grandpa. But it turns out that experienced the greatest adventure of all.
They talk about an old house full of modern inventions, surrounded by a garden, hiding many surprises. A grandmother's dog Laika, who has shed the Velorex and with it a lot of fun. And big trouble when your lost splaší grandmother cows, Belka and obstruction, which is a start disperse to different parts of the world. Twins, Laika and grandmother must bring back a rescue mission experienced countless adventures. They look at a volcano in Iceland in the north USA a shade to escape the hungry bears and eventually will fly up into the infinite universe. All thanks to the joint efforts goes well and still learn many new things.

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