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Jan Triska Shakespeare honors at Prague Castle

At the Summer Shakespeare Festival fourteen years ago, impressively played a major role in King Lear, in 2007 to great acclaim met his slave Caliban in The Tempest romance. A third comeback Supreme Prague Castle Jan Triska in store this year - will star in two extraordinary evenings TRIBUTE Shakespeare, organized for the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death of legendary Elizabethan dramatist.

Constructed program was developed in collaboration with Professor Martin Hilským and spectators can look forward to Shakespeare's sonnets and humorous and serious dialogue from plays such as The Taming of the Shrew, King Lear, Richard III., Or The Merchant of Venice. All this will enrich and live music and singing.
Besides Jana Chips perform Ladislav Hampl, Zdenek Hruska, Mojmir Maděrič, Masha Málková Zuzana Slavíková Simona Vrbická, Vendula Cross and others.
The evening was directed by Vaclav Lautner accompanies Martin Hilský.
Exclusive performances will take place on 21 and 22 July.

The scene Supreme Prague Castle during the summer to welcome the audience two very popular comedy. The fourth season here from July 29 will present productions SKUTR directing team Midsummer Night's Dream, starring David Prachař and Vanda Hybnerová. That the question of what the audience sees and strong popularity of the game, he replies: "It's a comedy. A humor and laughter among the summer time when people need to relax and relieve stress. And on top of ours comedy is well done. So I'm looking forward to it again. "

In this wedding crazy comedy where the characters are subject to the charms of a magical summer night will also feature Csongor Kassai, Hana Vagnerova Písařík Martin, Susan Stavná, Josef Polášek, Marek Daniel and Vaclav Copt.

Mentioned other festive comedy is Shakespeare play about love, intrigue and lies, Much Ado About Nothing. "It is delightfully talkative and does not pretend to any special philosophy, except the one that does not take anything seriously," he says about the game Jiri Menzel, who for the Summer Shakespeare Festival staged in 2014.
At the scene, Peter returns Čtvrtníček and Leos Noha like two crazy cops Lenka Horticulture as Hero, Petra Horváthová in the role of Beatrice quarrelsome, Vaclav Jilek as Benedick and Pavel new in the role of Antonia. It is played from August 8.

Summer Shakespeare Festival taking place from 28 June to 3 September. Performances generally begin at 20:30.

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