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Construction and reconstruction of houses increasing, so popular are roof repairs

The Czech Republic is becoming a trend in the construction and reconstruction of houses, as evidenced by an increase in the number of building permits, which according to the Czech Statistical Office in some regions more than ten percent. People embarking on construction works and construction due to the cheap price of construction materials and favorable financing possibilities, whether in the form of a mortgage or subsidies.

The revival of the Czech construction industry is also supported by the fact that the profits of construction companies have increased over last year by 7.2 percent to 459.1 billion crowns. Czechs, thanks to the favorable interplay of several factors resorting to the construction of houses as well as their reconstruction. "In this period of seeing increased interest in the reconstruction of roofs. Besides the price is an important criterion for the Czechs also the speed and simplicity of construction, "says Jaroslav Nikodým from the company, which is engaged in the production and assembly of light roofing. For this reason, it is very lightweight steel roofing trend in houses and cottages. Compared to conventional sheet metal roofing materials are those about ten times lighter burden so many of the roof structure and are also suitable for renovations of older buildings. An important factor in selecting a roof but still the price of roofing. Approximate amount that is needed to go, it can estimate the building specialists or independent calculators that are available free on the Internet.

Roof repair can be financed from grants, thus Czechs have applied for more than one billion crowns

In the current situation is not favorable for the Czech capital shortfalls decisive criterion. There are in fact several variants of the possible and available funding of reconstruction and construction of houses. For the renovation of the roof is often used by construction loans, if reconstruction is usually a lower amount of orders. Generally, interest on savings bank usually guarantees throughout the repayment period and the amount reflected on the amount of funds saved. Due to the highly competitive situation that currently exists around the mortgage loans are the preferred alternatives to finance new roofs also mortgage. Its advantage is not only the current low interest rate compared to other periods, but also the possibility to repay the amount borrowed at the end of the fixation period, which is usually within five years.

Another option to fund repairs to the roof, the use of state subsidies. For example, the program offers a new green savings, which focuses among others on reducing energy intensity and houses among which also falls reconstruction of the roof. "The reconstruction of the roof itself, however, the subsidy can not be drawn. Must in fact be part of a comprehensive renovation of the house for the purpose of insulation. On the basis of her then people can also use the possibility of a contribution for the installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, "explains Nikodým. Maximum support for one application can be submitted until the end of 2021, while making up 50% of expenditure. That is a subsidy great interest, evidenced by the fact that since October 2015, when the invitation opened, people have already applied for more than one billion crowns.

Fallen tree or a gale? Insurance conditions are strictly imposed

After completion of the reconstruction of the roof is also helpful to think about any insurance. Now damage to roofs and roof constructions or coverings are among the most frequent accidents caused by the weather, which homeowners often must pay out of their pockets. The impact of elements such as hail or windstorm, yet are quite clearly demonstrable. Usually occur locally always on multiple objects in the vicinity, their consequences are seen as claiming damages not a problem. Risk is defined windstorm insurance conditions and related to the rate of air flow at the site of damage. This risk, however, can not be claimed, for example, to damage incurred as a result of fall at home. In this case, the individual risk of falling tree. In terms of insurance, the roof part of the house and therefore it can be insured under the insurance of the entire house. There is therefore a need for a roof indicate a separate sum insured.

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