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Pork fried changed, only two came closer to the original composition

For many Czechs mean summer months children's camps, family trips to the countryside, or sitting around a fire under the open sky. The older you might immediately think of pork and canned inseparable foundation camping gastronomy, without which thirty years ago the proper tramp into the countryside go.

How are the "vepřovky" Today, the magazine found out dTest and underwent 16 canned meat thoroughly test including a comparison with the almost forty-year-old food quality standards.

Canned pork that are no longer what they used to be, confirmed by comparing the ingredients of contemporary products with technical standards for the production of "pork in its own juice" and a luncheon in 1978. "Of all sixteen samples tested with the original recipes of their composition, approached only two," says Hana Hoffmann, editor in chief dtest. Compared to the old recipe, in which the meat in canned pork flavored only with salt, pepper and cumin, in today's products use flavor enhancers and fragrances, thickeners such as starch or gum euchema E 407a. For luncheon with advanced products distinguished by the addition of starch, animal and vegetable proteins, dyes and the use of papers thus mechanically separated meat.

Under the current decree must tinned pork in its own juices contain at least 70% meat content of the water must not exceed 70% and fat content must not be higher than 40%. "All eleven of canned pork limits complied. In the case Pikok Pork in its own juice and spicy Hamé Pork in its own juice the meat content even ninety percent, "says Hoffmann, adding:" At the luncheon, the situation is already worse. Three of the five tested for content of meat failed completely. "When measuring the fat content of the water and the results were favorable towards canned. All contained a smaller proportion of fat than the law requires, and only when the Swede pork from farmer was measured slightly above the threshold the presence of water.

According to the law, the product is labeled as pork in its own juices did not contain any reprint. Suspected his presence accommodate lab only for samples Hamé Pork in its own juice for lunch and dinner, Mei Ning Pork in its own juice. "For pig meat in its own juices Ha Ming from the production of Hame values ​​were so convincing that we can talk about undeclared addition reprints and consumer deception. For this we have given the lack of product, "says Hoffmann.

Composition with standards is one thing, the other is what is in the actual product consumption. All cans have undergone sensory testing in which the panel of eight expert evaluators assessed the appearance, smell, taste and texture of meat. Generally fell test results better for pig meat in its own juices than for luncheon, but weaknesses were found in nearly all tested. "Worst pork canned happened meat Viva Carne from PT services for which the lab found large amounts of fat and collagen, muddy consistency and the almost complete absence of taste and smell. In the second category are on the bottom rung ended Mei Ning Pork luncheonmeat in which defects were found in all studied parameters - whipped unsightly appearance, the taste and consistency of the mud, "says Hoffmann.

Unconvincing appearance and taste were the biggest weaknesses across the products tested, but still a test of its winner, who this time from Dtest and took 'em a bargain. "The winner among the masses of pork has become Pikok Pork in its own juice spicy. At the luncheon came out victorious Hame pork luncheon meat that was the only earned good ratings in sensory testing, "concludes Hoffmann results.

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