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Where to refuel on the way to a vacation?

Approaching the holiday season, and many Czechs solves transportation to their own car. In the last year, most Czech tourists traveled to Slovakia, Croatia, Italy and Austria. These are all destinations where the Czechs often drive his car, and because the cost of transport constitutes a considerable cost component on vacation, it is advisable to rethink ahead of where to refuel ..

..Například Italy is considerably more expensive than other destinations. Fuels in the Czech Republic are then compared with the majority of EU countries have cheaper, but it does not apply to the last petrol station before the border.

The most popular destinations for Czech tourists last year, according to data from the Czech Statistical Office was Slovakia, which moved to the second place in Croatia, and then Italy and Austria. It is a destination where Czechs often travel in their own car. Different prices for gasoline and diesel across states and provide an opportunity to save considerable expenses. The good news is that fuel prices in the Czech Republic belongs according to data from the European Commission last week to the lowest. The bad news is that there usually avoided fueling more expensive abroad.

The highest prices are within the aforementioned destinations in Italy, where a liter of diesel more expensive by nearly 7 crowns and 50 cents a liter of Natural 95 even more than 10 crowns. "Italy is one of the most expensive European countries at all. Definitely therefore I recommend to refuel on the way to Austria, where the diesel versus Czech Republic expensive only about 66 cents and natural 95 for one dollar and 47 cents, "says Damir Durakovic, Director General of the purchasing alliance Axigon, which analyzes the evolution of fuel prices in the EU." on the way to Croatia, then it is preferable to refuel again in Austria or Hungary, "says Damir Durakovic that Slovenia and Croatia are currently more expensive.

On Czech tourists very popular Slovak is significantly more expensive especially natural 95, and about 4 crowns and 60 cents. Slovak holiday can be completed on one tank of gas, but also in the relatively low-priced Czech it is advisable to keep an eye on, at that gas station, people will be refueled. "People can try to maximize the range so that they will be refueled at the last petrol station before the border. But there are usually a lot unscrewed prices. The same is true for highways, so how in the Czech Republic and abroad is better to avoid them during refueling. Differences in prices are also a few crowns per liter, "says Damir Durakovic.

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