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Milk and dairy products benefit the skin and hair, especially during the summer

It is shown that up to 50% on the skin is affected by improper lifestyle. Roughly half we therefore consider the condition of our skin responsibility. Research has also shown that skin, you should especially in summer special care, very indicative consumption of milk and milk products.

Our body remembers everything, unfortunately, and if it is neglected, we will return it with interest. For example, if we do not accept sufficient amounts of vitamin B6, they break us frequently corners. Zinc deficiency in children can cause different turn, eczema or psoriasis.

"In recent years significantly increases the number of patients with atopic dermatitis. It is proven that this inconvenience can be prevented if we consume probiotics, antioxidants, and unsaturated fatty acids, "explains dermatologist doc. MD. Monika Arenbergerová, Ph.D. the project to support dairy White plus.

Probiotics not only on atopic eczema

Probiotics are live supplements, which positively affects the intestinal microbial balance. "Several studies have demonstrated that increase the resistance of our body. They are found primarily in fermented dairy products such as yogurt starters, Kefir, "mentions an expert from the Department of Dermatology University Hospital Vinohrady. "Research has even shown that when taking probiotics pregnant and lactating women, it acts as prevention of atopic eczema in their children."

Why probiotics, how it affects our bodies, how to improve our immunity? "On the basis of probiotics contact with intestinal epithelium leads to the release of mediators (cytokines) and activated immune cells simultaneously. These mediators of bacteria and cells of the immune system can be transported by the blood to other organs, including the skin, which can positively influence the immune response. These are called. Bio-inducing, "explains Ms. associate professor.

Probiotics except prevention or alleviation of allergic and atopic manifestations in children simultaneously restore the intestinal flora after antibiotic use, have an antitumor effect or prevention of respiratory diseases (colds, flu) and urinary tract infections.

Natural "milk" beauty - the beauty and burns

Milk and milk products are great not only for use inside the body, but also outside. "From time immemorial, milk and whey used for bathing. They are the favorite raw natural cosmetics. They are rich in vitamin B, proteins and minerals. Our skin pleasantly soft and supple, they give it shine and softness. "

Another possible way to use milk products are face masks and hair wraps. "There is nothing easier than to mix plain yogurt with a little honey and egg yolk and apply the mask on your face. Nourish hair perfectly blends milk, egg yolk, honey and olive oil, "says dermatologist.

And what if you ever burn your face from the sun? "Try the proven recipe of Southern countries - plain yogurt rich in probiotics. Not only cooled, but also enhances local immunity of the skin and accelerate healing. Help for burns and tiles from milk or cottage cheese rubbed onto the affected area. "

Other tips for beautiful and healthy skin

What do we need in addition to consumption of milk and milk products for our skin still do?
To make our skin healthy, we must not forget:
Vitamin A (egg yolks, carrots, liver, fats in dairy products and green foods)
Essential fatty acids
(almonds, walnuts, fish, sprouts)
(oysters, carrots)
folic acid
plenty of unsweetened fluids
For the beauty of our skin Replenish:
Vitamin C, E

What we should rather avoid? Free radicals! thus:
UV radiation
lack of sleep

"There is evidence that a smoker who is exposed daily on a regular basis for more than two hours the sun has more than eleven times higher risk of developing wrinkles than a nonsmoker who resides in the sun sporadically,"
warns dermatologist.

"When we summarize, let's bear in mind that we comply with drinking habits and adopt good diet full of probiotics. Daily are recommended 2-3 servings of milk or dairy products, "says Assoc. Arenbergerová the project White plus .

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Author: Sarka Pelcová

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