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Ferry trekking for experienced and beginners

Ferry, or "iron" or "secure path" are increasingly popular form of hiking. Especially in Europe, we find them in abundance. Ferry in South Tyrol is one of the most beautiful and popular. Try them and you. You can stay in their immediate vicinity on the farm association Roter Hahn.

"Via Ferrata" are mountain roads in difficult terrain. Their feasibility of providing ropes, ladders and bridges and connect otherwise isolated locations and routes. To conquer Ferry is required at least basic mountaineering equipment, including high-quality hiking boots, seat harness, helmet, locking carabiners, slings and more.

Historically, the first Ferrato is the head of the Austrian Hohe Dachstein, which was founded in 1843. For greater expansion mountain roads occurred during the First World War, through which had been guarded border on the Italian-Austrian front in the Dolomites. The boom Ferrat today's appearance occurred in the sixties in South Tyrol are mainly in the eighties.

Ferrata is possible depending on the complexity divided into several groups. In Italy, it determines the color. Blue is very easy to ensure these roads are used more to increase security. Red marked paths are moderately difficult. The most difficult Ferrro are marked with paint and black match in Austria marking paths intensity D and E is intended for experienced tourists and in some cases requires the presence of a guide.

South Tyrol offers thirty-Ferrat of all levels. One of the less demanding Via Ferrata Masare. It leads from Paolina mountain hut at an altitude of 2,125 meters, which is accessible by chair lift from town Carezza around the monument Christomannos. Overcoming this six km long route takes approximately four hours. Above the town, in addition begins another mountain route, Via Ferrata Rotwand. Near Ferry you can stay on the farm Stadlaml, whose surroundings and the view of the massif Marmolada South Tyrol will take your breath away.

Very popular and busy one-way ferrata Torre di Toblini with a peak altitude of 2,617 meters above sea level. It ranks among the more demanding and leads in our original military ladder paths. At the beginning of the waiting tourists challenging climb, then rather aerial ladders. In its vicinity is a farm Kerschbaumhof, which recognize not only the traditional farm life, but also sample local delicacies of homemade products such as traditional bacon, sausages, as well as jams and fruit juices. Near the farm there is also another ferrata. It is among the shorter half-day. It is an old war-way route that leads rock tunnels buildings built during the First World War to the summit of Monte Paterno (2685 m). The tunnels often form the ice surface before the winter season begins, so ferrata accessible to a limited extent. It starts at Rifugio Auronzo at an altitude of 2,320 meters, where there is both parking and bus stops.

One of the most uniquely Ferrat in Alto Adige in Europe is ferrata Tabaretta, starting above the village of Solda. To her overcoming need protection, physical fitness, many experiences and nice weather. The mountain road is challenging mainly because it is not equipped with any artificial belaying, rope and belay only offer the possibility of early termination or change the route. Its peak is located at an altitude of 3036 meters.

Nearby Juval climbing park near the town of Naturns South Tyrol is also the recently opened Via Ferrata Hoachwool. It consists of challenging climbing wall and a suspension bridge. The path leads not only breathtaking nature, but also around the castle Juval. From the top you can walk on foot or ride a cable car Unterstell.

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