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Lucie Vondráčková summer embark on their unplugged tour

Lucie Vondráčková summer embark on their unplugged tour The singer, actress and dabérka Lucie Vondráčková after three years embarks on his second tour in twenty years of career. Three years ago he toured 10 large halls in Bohemia and Moravia together with Michal David, which is also sold out the Prague O2 Arena (13,000 spectators).

After this great success, Lucia decided in number of concerts add but subtract the size of the hall and decided to acoustic tour. Total in 14 cities in 15 concerts throughout the Czech Republic, Lucie Vondráčková present example, in summer theaters and amphitheaters, or more intimate theaters. From August 17 ​​to September 9 will feature Vokobere group consisting of musicians Tomas Berka, Petr Kocman and Jiří Vondráček. The group will be extended for a tour of some of the songs on bass and keyboards.

The member Vokobere Petr Kocman Lucy sang several duets, for example, I am not They drive cars prairies or the legendary Islands In The Stream - Island of current days. Together, the group sang a song Vokobere bit of luck, according to which it is named and the whole tour. Tomas Berka Lucie Vondráčková accompanied been in several TV shows on guitar. And featuring George Vondracek perhaps needless. Lucky's father and her court composer, who songwriter Hana Sorrosovou (Lucky mum) have created a lot of big hits not only for her daughter Lucy.

Spectators can look forward to a completely different submission of the songs from Lucky known. Declassified songs are already Fear When rousing me a bit of luck, Who loves you. Another keeps Lucie as a surprise. "With Vokobere we are on stage musically and personally well. Folkovějším songs vokoberácké vocals suits, so we decided to go for your summer together, "said Lucie time ago. As she told on this tour are very pleased and believe that will satisfy the spectators and fans.

"Manner bit of luck tour is unplugged, so in this case without drums and acoustic nicely. The atmosphere of the concerts will complete the LED wall, which will be an amazing shift in visualization of the entire concert - graphics, images and video to all the songs have interesting figurative representation, "said George Vondracek, who also prepares all arrangements of songs that will appear on tour.

Lucie Vokobere group will perform for the first time. Lucy has twice been a guest at their concerts at the castle Štiřín and last Vokobere accompanied Lucy on her last appearance at the 50th Czech Nightingale, where she sang the song Hop hey.

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