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6 most common mistakes when choosing a toilet

Although the restroom spend according to surveys, about three months to live, do not pay too much attention to her choice. In doing so, you can make a lot of mistakes, which we regret later. Not only in terms of convenience, but also because of the impractical solutions or saving money. Read the 6 most common violations, which commit when choosing a toilet.

Error no. 1: do not take into account our specific requests

According to surveys prosedíme the restroom to 92 days of her life. Men spend on the toilet on average 105 minutes per week, women about 20 minutes less. Although it is a relatively long period of time, when buying toilet often we fail to define what we expect from him. Universal loo is not suitable for everyone and in its selection must take into account our specific requests.
"Universal toilet height around 43 cm not suitable for everyone. For instance, tall people should choose, rather closet with increased height. This is contrary not suitable for families with young children, which would be in addition to the toilet and take a seat with an integrated insert to reduce the size of the bearing surfaces, "explains Radek Prokop Alcaplast from the company, which is the largest manufacturer of sanitary ware in Central and Eastern Europe. Seniors and people with reduced mobility will appreciate the convenient tools for settling and getting up, such as handrails, supports, attachments or toilet seat.

Error no. 2: Selected improper disposition seat

Antibacterial, thermoset, thermoplastic, quick, slim variant or running Softclose. There are dozens of kinds of toilet seats. Although it would primarily be the seat meet demands for comfort, but not least, the technical and visual aspects. If the seat is not part of the toilet, or choose new ones, should match the size of the bowl, and correspond to the distribution of fasteners. It is also important ergonomic design, comfortable surface, sufficient strength and size to match our physical disposition. Recently, a very popular Softclose system that ensures a slow fall seats and thereby protect against breakage ceramics. At the same time closing the seat quieter.

Error no. 3: ignores the demands of maintenance

Although the conventional toilet seat according to the survey is thirty times less bacteria than, for example, on mobile phones, it is necessary to keep the bathroom clean. The difficulty associated with cleaning material surface, the presence of protective layers, bowl-shaped structure and internal flushing. "Water closet flushing does not require deep unlike the flat flushing laborious routine maintenance. The first variant relieves the spread of odors and prevents spillage of the bowl. Suitable is also the seat with antibacterial properties, which material comprises a silver compound ", says Radka Prokop.

Error no. 4: Small space overburdening not use large

Minimum space for toilets is 80 x 120 cm. Even today, however, encounter similar, indeed even smaller rooms. Taller people so they can have when using the toilet downright functional barriers. In the case of very small space is an appropriate solution to the so-called pre-wall slim variant modules with which you can save up to 5 cm.
Conversely, owners of large spaces are often unable to properly use them. For example, the toilet placed in a corner, thereby reducing the scope for comfortable use. Also ignore the trend of installing a bidet or urinal that while increasing hygiene standards.

Error no. 5: We do not look at the severity of the economic operation

An important parameter, which omits many of us, is saving water. At her influence has mainly taken the form of the flushing system. Very low power consumption offers Ecology flushing system which uses only two to four liters of water. Compared to the standard flush and save up to 2 liters in one flush. Another economical option is a system with stop function, which allows the flow of water any time to stop.

Error no. 6: toilet in the house we place inappropriately

Rules and recommendations also exist for the correct positioning of the toilet in the apartment or house. It applies, for example, that if the apartment is only one toilet, it should not be directly accessible from the living room or kitchen. It should, however, be easily reached from the bedroom and the nursery. Likewise, when placing the toilets should think about the world of the plan of the house. For example, the south side has had the greatest natural light and is more suited for residential areas. Neither the basement is not ideal, because it threatens the toilet is below the drain waste pipe.

If the toilet is connected to the bathroom, they should be placed against the door, but rather in a more intimate space such as an alcove or a bath, or separated by 70 cm high barrier. If it is near a radiator or the opposite wall, the recommended distance from the edge of the bowl is at least 50 centimeters.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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