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Rychloúklid: 10 tips on how to clean up at home in an hour

How quickly clean up when you have unexpected guests around the corner or somewhere you stayed? Experts from cleaning startup advice: Do not worry about the details and especially the drop in depth and clear up only surfaces.

Your phone rings and it notice: an hour we were with you, and no talking! You can not refuse? Or you are at the other extreme cleaning tired and want to take it out of your throat? Iveta Čekanová bring council, the main trainer of cleaning ladies cleaning the startup LidskáSí Deeper cleaning up after some time anyway avoided. How's that cleaning anyway?

Make a plan

To ensure that you went to work nicely by the hand, it is necessary to work systematically. The individual steps, plan and determine what is important and what is not important. Make your plans rather several - for daily cleaning as it is for dishes, arranging objects, the Vigil service in the trash, take a shower bath and wipe the batteries.

The plan for the weekend, so each week, which includes dust removal surfaces to eye, vacuum cleaning and mopping floors, wiping door, wash tubs, toilets, mirrors.

Plan on a monthly cleanup, which is not without dust removal high surfaces, washing windows, refrigerator, dressed linen.

Seasonal cleaning, deep cleaning So, for example, in the spring and before Christmas, where it is necessary to clean up even the insides of cabinets and boxes, sorting invoices, photographs and children's drawings should be forgotten or stewed. We recommend also throw out all unnecessary.

Daily cleaning will help you clean for the weekend and again you'll be thankful when cleaning lunar and deep. At home nenahromadí clutter and cleaning will be easier and faster.
So much for the plan, but what if it had not been time! At least rychloúklid which has clear rules.

Forget the details

When fast cleaning with nezaobírejte details and drop into the deep cleaning, let 'freezes over "for example, the albums with photos or folders with invoices. Clear up only surfaces!

Prepare cleaning products

Put your cleaning supplies together. "Cleaning, plenty of rags and towels, for example, prepare a bucket to keep them at all times. This will prevent eternal move freely from room to room, where you can forget where you are and what it actually went, "says Iveta Čekanová.

Do not forget the rhythm

Before jumping into the cleaning itself, let a quick music (no ploužáky). It will help! Walk apartment with a garbage bag on sacking all useless.

From where to where?

Generally cleaned from top to bottom. "Otherwise you had during gruntování could mess up again that have already been cleaned," says Čekanová. Proceed from the window to the door. At the end of cleaning hoover and mop up all the room, but not all of the water once.
As for the rooms, start cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, which are the most demanding, and later you would not want them to go. At the beginning of cleaning by Čekanová we have the most energy, so let these challenging room. Only a toilet and a place where you will be impregnated with water, leave the end. You will draw water, pour dirty water, so let them not cleaning unnecessarily twice, while rychloúklidu certainly do not! Then proceed into the living room and eventually to the nursery and bedroom.

kitchen rychloúklid

Are you waiting until you boil water for coffee? Try to compete with the kettle "first". Befall previously boil water, or stack them manage to quickly clean the dishes and stacked dirty in the dishwasher? Alternatively, wipe the desktop and a dining table? Kitchen clear up during cooking. Before you cook the potatoes for lunch, manage to wash the oven and wipe all surfaces from dust.

Rychloúklid bathroom?

Cleaning very easier, bath preventive showering immediately after bathing, sink rinsed after washing hands after wiping hands, wiping straight faucet and buffed it with a towel. It will look beautiful and additionally around her will settle lime. When showering or bathing, wash straight and cosmetic containers, screens, shower enclosure immediately after showering download squeegee for windows. Fill the soap, either liquid or solid, wash while washing hands. Cup toothbrushes, wash during toothbrushing.

Hair remove the brush and toss in the trash immediately after combing. "When these steps a day will not miss, and that day will take up the sum of a few minutes, rychloúklid that you may surprise will be a real quickie and save you a lot of time and effort," he says trainer ladies cleaning. Wash bath, shower, mirror, shelves and eventually wipe and wipe vyluxujete. But you do not have to scrub deposits and stubborn stains, do not wash plant from sticky mucus full of dust, lime removal of batteries and shower enclosures. When rychloúklidu grubby polish the mirror, it makes a lot and swipe sink.

What about the toilet?

As with the bathroom, toilet and rather keep constantly clean. We recommend a weekly "big" cleaning when you focus on the details, including the bathroom - hinges for chopping and cutting board, bottom of the toilet, shelves, toilet paper holder and toilet brush thoroughly rinse with hot water and disinfectant. When rychloúklidu sure to disinfect the toilet.

Be smart!

Be sure to let each thing has its place - now you know where you belong, you do not need it constantly invent new location and also know where to find when needed. Clear up things at once, it takes less time and energy than large cleanups. It is the only effective prevention of disorder. Say goodbye to trap dust and everything unnecessary - you do not need any statues, exhibitions and collections. And if so, put them in decorative boxes. "Try to observe the principle of one thing home, one thing out of the house, whether you accumulate things needlessly. Personally, I do it so that every 3 months not touching, actually I do not. The ideal thing to vetešárnu, charity sale. Yes, ladies, this also applies to clothing, "advises Čekanová.
Manual vacuum cleaner Vacuum crumbs immediately after breakfast, hairs and crumbs from the couch odrolenou eraser of a pencil. Get wet wipes for cleaning, which does not cost much, they are portable and ideal for quick cleaning - let me wipe, throw.

Washer and dryer are best friends, and connect families

No piles of unwashed dishes and such invaluable in saving your time! The dishwasher is worth investing in. Dryer? Yes! It never knows underwear may not be exceptions iron. If you do not have a dryer, try to minimize ironing how it goes. Washed clothes immediately remove from the machine, shaking them out and hang nicely. Use clothespins to leave bruises on the laundry. After drying laundry swipe, ironed, hands and voilà - you do not have exceptions clothes ironed.

Use boxes and storage boxes. Whether for toys, for photographs, important documents, and other girly treasures memories. Boxes practice, things are not dusty and are also decorative.

Connect to clean and family. This is probably the hardest task. If this is not possible, vypakujte your expensive trip. Or go with them and refer all cleaning lady to clean.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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