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Cannabis Treatment: What are the benefits for patients?

Legalization of cannabis is a very broad topic that many (wrongly) fear. Hemp plants belong to our culture, we just forgot about them, unfortunately. Bucks herbalists and herbalist preparing hemp ointment relieving pain and helping with a variety of skin problems centuries ago.

From 2013 are our legal varieties of cannabis for medical use. But today really helps patients and cannabis legalization process was successful? The situation is commented George STABLE, founder of Carun Cannabis Pharmacy and pharmacies. For example, in neighboring Germany recently for treatment of cannabis completely free.

An example might go neighboring Germany that seriously ill people will provide free medical cannabis as a remedy for pain. In recent days, to sanctify the local government. This should apply from spring 2017. The patients receive cannabis in pharmacies by prescription.

George STABLE is a big believer in the use of cannabis for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. It is based not only on personal experience, but also stories of people who regularly attend Cannabis pharmacy and, ultimately, on scientific research.

"I see no reason why we should not treat nature as it always has. Despite all the modern technology and the industrial revolution belong to nature, and accordingly we should behave, "explains its position," adds George STABLE.

Legalization? Still halfway

In the Czech Republic from 2013 legal use of cannabis for medical purposes with a higher percentage of THC, already they are therefore three years, but otherwise cannabis remains illegal. For cultivation or possession of small amounts greater than face penalties.

Since the beginning of April this year in the Czech Republic grown hemp and finally distributed to pharmacies. Regardless but how many Czech doctors prescribe to patients, the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) by public resources to pay the growers in four installments a total of 2.72 million crowns without VAT for these 40 kg Czech hemp, warehousing and distribution, then in thirty-six installments another 390,000 crowns without VAT. The final price will be through a variety of extras around CZK 100, maybe more per gram. Journey Czech cannabis is not at all easy nor inexpensive.

Yet imported Dutch cannabis is more expensive (about 300 CZK per gram), is not burdened with such patients bureaucracy and more varieties the ratio of active ingredients.
Last year cannabis and have used only about 20 patients (Dutch variant), compared to the thousands who need it. Cannabis will be in both Czech and import administration of THC content of 22 percent, even though it is in the original decree about 3 percent less, because it fits into the twenty possible variation permitted by decree.

"Getting to the therapeutic cannabis is still very arduous and expensive journey. Every patient needs a slightly different ratio of ingredients (basic cannabinoids THC and CBD), so standardization is not appropriate route for them. Cultivation of cannabis for personal use has a huge advantage in low cost, on the other hand reaches pharmaceutical quality and are not guaranteed as correct ratio of cannabinoids for a particular disease, it is so way ala trial and error, "says George STABLE that regulation of cannabis is seemingly complicated, because the legislation is still unable to decide whether it is a medicinal drug or rather narcotic drug. Cannabis dependence, particularly in the medical uses, but not demonstrated. In other words is the same as the dependency on chocolate or sex.
"What is important is awareness and popularization of this underrated plants. The more the people will know, the less will be afraid to be classified as conventional products and drugs used in their daily lives, "he adds.

Medical cannabis is only available on prescription in a pharmacy and absolutely exorbitant price of around CZK 300 per gram (Dutch version). Additionally, it is still not contribute or insurance companies, although about slowly considering. Insurance companies are waiting until hemp State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) ranks among the reimbursable drugs. A SIDC change requires further studies confirming the efficacy of cannabis.

Who does not play into the hands?

Current legislation unfortunately favors pharmaceutical companies that cannabis is literally afraid. "Since it is a plant commonly found in nature, can it not be patented, and patients can easily find an alternative to expensive drugs with a lot of chemicals," says George STABLE and adds that although the situation in the Czech Republic is relatively good, lawmakers could go even further. "compared with other countries in Central Europe, Czech legislation is fairly well done, plus we have an excellent scientific background. Of cannabis for medical purposes is not in the gray zone, but different current limits as absolutely unnecessary. For example, in Israel or the Netherlands they are much further than we are. Cannabis is proven medicinal. "

Source: tz, editorially modified

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