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Counterfeit industrial goods rise. The reasons: low prices and the development of online sales

Counterfeit goods manufactured goods in recent years they come to market and more. While previously illegal manufacturers focused mainly on range of clothing, fashion accessories, shoes and handbags, in recent years follow the example bearings, but also car parts or even spare parts for tractors. Counterfeiters recorded primarily constantly evolving Internet commerce, which provides a high degree of anonymity.

One of the last cases detected counterfeits concerned ZKL Brno company producing bearings. "In recent weeks, Indian police managed to seize directly by several manufacturers in Surat deposits worth 610,000 crowns," said a fresh case ZKL CEO George Munchausen. The company, according to Director of counterfeiting of their products meets regularly. The problems are mainly in Asia, especially in Nepal and India now, where was last hit. "A few years ago but customs officials discovered and containers going from China to neighboring Slovakia," Munchausen pointed out that the problem of counterfeit goods also applies to Europe. One of the major exporters of counterfeits is, according to customs officers still in China. "Last year we managed to detect, for example, a consignment of copies of SKF bearings brand. The sender was from China, "said a spokesman for the Directorate General of Customs of the Czech Republic's Hana Prudičová.

According to George Munchausen illegal manufacturers mainly focus on simpler types of products. The more complex the product is, the less of it by counterfeiters interest. Copies are yet at first glance very good and it is very difficult to distinguish them from the original products. Significant difference is however in quality. "Counterfeit goods are often made ​​from cheap and unsuitable materials which logically affect their durability. Lifetime counterfeit is less than half the original. The problem is that confusion customer can check up in case of failure of the bearing. Complaints in such cases is not possible, "said George Munchausen problems. The company is therefore trying to warn customers that the bearings are bought only at authorized partners in whom they have confidence that they are buying the original.

Although the number of counterfeits is constantly decreasing, completely eradicated from the market is failing. The main reason is the ongoing customer demand for the lowest price that counterfeiters records, and also the sales. While previously counterfeit goods such as clothes or shoes occurred mainly in markets where it is easy to detect, today the sale of large shifts to the internet - in e-shops and on social networks where anonymity virtual environment provides greater opportunities to avoid inspection. The Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Mojmir Bezecný warns that online shopping has its own specifics. "If someone wants to buy goods over the Internet, the seller should have thoroughly examined and in case of any doubt from the purchase of retreat," said Bezecný.

According to experts, there are other ways to detect suspicious offer. In addition to a suspicious-looking e-shop it can also be a very low price. But according to them the risk exists even in stores, especially through unauthorized dealers. "There should warn customers need a way packaging of the product and its processing. If this is to be an original, and such is the case at first glance printed wrong, the buyer should pay attention, "said Hana Prudičová from the Directorate General of Customs.

Apart from bearing experts recently faced with the fakes also other engineering products. Total widespread they are falsified spare parts for cars and trucks. In 2014, customs officers intercepted for the first time over ten thousand pieces of spare parts for Zetor tractors. Counterfeiters usually not deterred even possible million-dollar fine for a misdemeanor or ten million fine for administrative offenses, which can impose customs.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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