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Hundreds of thousands prize for purchases not welcome

It happened to you that you are in your mailbox to find a bulky envelope, which surprisingly announced your nomination for hundreds of thousands of winning? It seems that you just order items from the catalog attached and the prize is yours. Do not be caught. Probably it is forbidden aggressive commercial practice.

"Winning in the form of a specific item or amount of money is a strong attraction for consumers and merchants are well aware of that. For example, the company BEAUTY LINE Ltd. distributes shipments winning coupon and promises consumers a fabulous win. The condition, however, is ordering the product and confirm the attached coupon companies. However, the consumer wins in vain, back to him only ordered goods arrive, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

BEAUTY LINE sro receive the prize coupon appeals to consumers who since her something for once ordered on the basis of advertising in the magazine. For example, could be a revolutionary product for weight loss and the allegedly miraculous anti-wrinkle cream with snail slime. Subjected coupon is non-transferable and name of the addressee is constantly cited in connection with the payment of winnings and the terms "winner" or "single winner". The grand prize is 300,000 crowns, and when ordering a larger number of products, the winner supposedly will make up the premium worth 25,000 crowns.

Winning coupon is, however, associated with an order form and order, according to the text itself the key to winning, taking the form is already one of the pre-filled products. According to the instructions enclosed with a coupon supplement the identification label bundled with the shipment and at the latest within 12 days in order to send a prepaid envelope directly to the department awards the company. Feeling lucky big payoff is enhanced by a few sentences reportedly very CEO who can not wait for the moment when the prize to the lucky winner will hand over personally in cash. No win, however, does not take place, although the consumer fills the order, will accept the goods and pay. Instead they come more and more winning coupons that their formulations insistently urged to get their address again the company ordered. The customer then maybe again believe in the possibility of winning, because this time it would need to work out.

"Consumers should be more careful to offers different prizes linked to the purchase of goods. It is an aggressive business practices that may fundamentally alter consumer behavior, so he decides to purchase, which under other circumstances would not. It is necessary to decide to purchase a particular product for his own, not for a chance to win something else. If you win without the promise of not making a purchase, you should not succumb to the menu, "says
Luke Green.

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