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Massaging device only works great on the wallet

Massager OptiMaskPro promises among other things, improve vision and reduce headaches is therefore tempting offer, especially for those who suffer from health problems mentioned. Soon, however, reveals that the promised effect fails, but rather about new problems. And get your money back is almost impossible.

"More than 100 cheated consumers for the sake of this article sought help our counseling. They bought a supposedly miraculous device on the eyes through websites, which are completely in the Czech language, although the salesperson, the company OptiMaskPro LLC, based in Los Angeles. The purchase price amounts to CZK 1,030 and is paid when the goods from the courier, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The first information that site visitors receive is limited supply of fifteen minutes to order the last 11 pieces in stock. Refresh the page clock runs from the beginning and "mysteriously" will increase inventories. This makes it a prime example of unfair practices affecting the decision of the buyer.

Dealer describes the product as OptiMaskPro magnetic acupuncture massage device on the game around the eyes, which has replaced the delicate fingers massage. Regular massages relieve users have the feeling of fatigue, headaches, insomnia and bags under the eyes. And not only that, even said he will not even need glasses or contact lenses because massager significantly improve vision. These characteristics are based on false product reviews invented Facebook users.

After the first use of the product is clear, however, that the promised effects fail. Those who OptiMaskPro purchased, describe that place a soothing massage due to vibration and noise machine produces, came just a headache. "For customers, however, will be another hurdle, if they decide to withdraw from the contract within 14 days or apparatus claim. the company does not respond to e-mails, the phone number is unavailable, and goods may only be returned to the address in the US. to enforce their rights as consumers become almost impossible, "says Luke Green.

If you are already products of this e-shop order, you should take the shipment from the courier, because at that point you have to pay for it. Then it is necessary to e-mail the seller to send a notification that you're canceling. Only by All rights and obligations arising from the purchase contract.

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