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Deal with ticks in the garden once and for all

Tick ​​presents a high risk of transmission of tick-borne encephalitis. Radovan Bures, manufacturer's representative lawnmowers and other products for lawn care and garden, advises several simple steps that reduce or completely eliminate the incidence of ticks in your backyard.

Mow the lawn short

If you do not just count how many ticks you and your pets should go back regularly mow the grass. Now there is the most ticks thrive. "Mow your lawn for the shortest height makes it more difficult and ticks chances of an attack. Low grass is in fact for ticks fairly hostile environment, "says Radovan Bures and adds more practical advice.

Create a "buffer zone"

To reduce the incidence of ticks also through the creation of so-called. Buffer zones, hampering moving ticks of a favorable environment for the place where the most moving. "Ticks need to live a moist environment and it provides them with herbage. If the garden carefully mow, it is effective to create divisions between bujnějším vegetation and a private garden. Hardening or access paths sprinkling pebbles, sand or regular shortening the overhanging branches will certainly help, "recommends Radovan Bures.

Do not rely on disposable chemical spraying

Ticks do not get rid disposable chemical spraying. We can in fact return and properly annoy people and pets. It is preferable to take care of the lawn in this direction regularly. Thus the presence of dangerous intruders greatly reduce.

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