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Joint nutrition - half the promised amount does not include the active substance

Whether blame age or strenuous activity when humans begin to worry about pain or stiffness in the joints, often reaches for a dietary supplement in the form of joint nutrition. Consumer magazine dTest had to examine 20 samples sold without joint nutrition, to determine whether it actually contains many active ingredients, the numbers shown on the packaging. More than half of the products failed the test.

Testing focused on articular nutrition that contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, two active substances, which may help prevent and treat arthritis. Some studies investigating their efficacy showed that both substances have in terms of regression of pain of lower limbs same effect as placebo, in terms of changes in the structure of cartilage, however, was in some people, a positive effect.

"Whether you are a skeptic or between optimists, one thing is certain. If the joint nutrition not contain ingredients that have the potential to nourish the joint, but is still packing lists, the positive changes in a person in vain, "says Hana Hoffmann, editor-dTest. Laboratory tests thus measure whether the products actually contain many active substances, how much the manufacturer on the label indicates.

The recommended daily dose of glucosamine is in the range from 500 to 3,000 mg in the case of chondroitin sulfate states 1200 to 1500 mg. The actual content of glucosamine from the values ​​indicated on the package with the most varied products Arthrocann Annabis from the manufacturer and from the manufacturer Flexodon Angelini. They promise to 800, or 500 mg per dose, however only laboratory measured the 486 mg and 392 mg of the first in the second case. For chondroitin substance was not declared value reached nearly half of the tested samples.

Out of twenty products eventually passed the test with a good mark of just seven.
"Products Barny's Inovo 5 and MaxiVita Exclusive Joint nutrition flavored with orange, which are placed at the head of the table, meet the declared content of both substances without any problems," says Hana Hoffmann. He adds that the promised amount of at least one of the two monitored active substances, comply with one exception, all of the products tested. "Manufacturers and importers of products that do not contain the promised amount of active ingredient, are urged to correct and proper labeling on the packages," says Hoffmann.

Dietary supplements, which include the joint nutrition, are not among drugs and their therapeutic effects may be premarket proven or approved by the State Institute for Drug Control. They are not officially intended to treat or prevent disease. Nutritionists advisors recommend joint nutrition for healthy people with přetěžovanými joints, such as athletes.

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