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Ultrasound can liquidate prostate cancer. What happens next, only time will tell

When living cells directed high-frequency ultrasonic waves begin to overheat and die. This principle is based one of the methods of treatment of cancer, which is also used for prostate cancer. So far, however, ultrasound therapy in the phase of testing.

Since the prostate is relatively hidden deep in the body, the ultrasound probe is used to destroy malignant cells introduced into the rectum. It prostatic gland abuts, thereby enabling highly accurate targeting beams without overcoming interstitial tissues. The research results suggest that in fact the prostate can be very beneficial this therapy.

Use is possible only sometimes

Ultrasonic treatment of carcinoma of the prostate shows similar effectiveness as a radical prostatectomy (surgery) or radiation. Yet it has fewer side effects. The most common problems seen in previous studies, infections were the prostate and urinary incontinence. The occurrence of these unfavorable effects are more common when carrying out the irradiation simultaneously. Ultrasound therapy has been tested in both newly diagnosed cancers and even in cases where the cancer has returned after previous treatment. However, it is necessary that it was a localized tumor (one that does not propagate).

Probationary period

According to current recommendations this method is used so far almost exclusively in clinical trials. Its efficiency is compared with the operating solution and irradiation. The subject of research are now mostly long-term outcome. This means that while the ultrasound treatment you get only when you are invited to participate in research. If you're lucky and you will be offered this option, you should be well informed:
of what treatment is made,
It is not yet familiar with all its adverse effects,
it has not expired yet long enough for it to be well researched all of its long-term consequences,
about other treatment options coming your case into account.

Part of the experimental treatment must always be very careful monitoring. It was possible to extract the maximum information on side effects and long-term benefits or negatives. For the patient, it is advantageous in that, in that direction gets better care than others. Everything, think about - if you agree to participate, you can help not only themselves, but others as well.

Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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