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Festival SCULPTURE LINE again transform Prague into a living gallery

Czech metropolis after a year becomes lively and open to all galleries. The second edition of the original sculpting festival SCULPTURE LINE presents during the summer on well-known or less traditional venues in Prague sculptures and installations of renowned domestic and foreign authors.

Residents and tourists can look forward to seven-meter floating question mark on the Vltava River, whose author is a Japanese artist Junichiro Ishii, Bronze Horse Michal Gabriel on the piazza of the National Theatre or the mysterious character cocoon Mexican Alberto Aragon Reyes in the Franciscan Garden. Artistic director of the festival this year became a respected educator and sculptor Michal Gabriel.

This year's Sculpture Line begins June 1 and runs until the end of September.

"Last year's first edition confirmed to us that a similar event that would bring the current sculptural art into the streets of Prague in the city and outside the capital look beautiful," says founder and festival director Andrew Škarka and adds: "Sculpture Line comes for residents and visitors to Prague and wants to make a sculpture or installations encountered in the natural environment of your everyday life. It offers them an opportunity to new perspectives on familiar and mundane places, possibility to discover them in new and unfamiliar stories. "

Sculpture Line puts contemporary sculptures in the public space so that it can complement, highlighted, added a new dimension, story, face or emotion. Inquisitive observer offers the possibility to choose places or routes on which it will be another context, place, time, and artwork. Last year's event attracted the attention of twenty sculptures of sixteen authors interested in variations on the Buddha statue at the airport Vaclav Havel, Explorers hovering on the Vltava River, Seated figure as a bench in the Botanical Gardens or not without humor spinners and Great clothes in the courtyard of the New Town Hall.

This year's festival again present a number of original sculptures and installations, in addition to the already mentioned works also, for example, three Manty Michael Trpák at the New Town Hall, Feet of water Kurt Gebauer or installation of the Austrian artist Ony B Hay is already dry in the mountains, which somewhat unexpected way, pays homage to Charles IV .


Sculpture festival in the streets of Prague
Prague 1. 6. - 30. 9. 2016

Source: tz

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