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How is it cannabis in the Czech Republic? Allowed, but under the rules

Of cannabis for medical purposes in the Czech Republic is indeed legal. The entire process, from cultivation to its use is limited by decree. We summarized the most important thing you would on cannabis in medicine should know.

Home or abroad?

Medical cannabis in the Czech Republic can be not only from local growers, but also from foreign producers. Raw materials from abroad must meet exactly the same standards as those from our region. Importation is authorized on the Ministry of Health. The quality of domestic production again awake State Institute for Drug Control (resp. State Agency for cannabis for medicinal use).

Important ingredients - THC and CBD

In the Czech Republic, it is permitted to use Cannabis indica L. or of Cannabis sativa L. plant itself contains a large number of substances. The most significant of them are about cannabidiol or CBD and delta-9-tetrahydrokanabiol, known as THC.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is nepsychotropní substance which has many proven positive effects (anti-inflammatory, protects nerve fibers, suppresses pain and cramps, exhibits anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects). CBD suppresses adverse effects of THC. Research has shown that cannabidiol protect the nerve cells against oxygen deprivation and against various toxins, including alcohol poisoning, since the slowing down of cellular aging. CBD could be very valuable for the treatment of stroke and traumatic intracranial brain damage. Další oblasti medical use of cannabidiol as epilepsy, diabetes, social phobia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, nausea, and anorexia nervosa and as an alternative in the treatment of cancer.
THC is psychoactive constituent of cannabis, which has anti-inflammatory effect and suppresses pain. However, it is also responsible for side effects (e.g. exhaustion, paranoia, the risk of developing a psychotic disorder, somnolence, memory problems, constipation, dizziness, congestion urine etc.) As well as manifestations of physical dependence. These include restlessness, irritability, hyperactivity, insomnia, nausea, cramps, decreased appetite, sweating and intense dreams. In the Czech Republic, but also available products that contain THC. These extracts alone cannabidiol.

How cannabis is prescribed?

Recommend therapy enriched for this plant can doctors of different specializations in the following cases:
silenced chronic pain,
needs appetite stimulation in connection with the treatment of cancer or therapy for HIV disease,
Tourette's syndrome (congenital neuropsychiatric disorder)
Surface non-inflammatory diseases of the skin and mucous membranes,
some neurological diseases.

Hemp professional can prescribe only on special electronic prescription restriction. You should also have access to a central repository (CA) and called. Register for Medicines Limited (RLPO). The pharmacist can then due to electronic recipe restricted verifies whether you have already the highest amount for a month was not issued elsewhere. If you're in the corresponding month of the dose received, it can only issue remaining amount up to the maximum allowable dose of 180 g. Hemp but is not covered by insurance, and you can therefore pay completely. One gram of the pharmacy you will come to approximately CZK 90.

Just what is allowed

Problems with police help with medical cannabis really threatened. The cops because it can 24 hours a day to check the registry, the type and amount of help has been issued in the pharmacy. So if you exceed your law specified the maximum allowable dose of 180 g of cannabis for a month, do not worry.

Beware of THC!

For cannabis possession will therefore no penalty from the police threatened. But do not forget that in addition to cannabis nepsychotropního cannabidiol includes psychotropic THC. In any case, they do not belong behind the wheel or performing other activities which may not be under the influence of addictive and psychotropic substances (machine etc.).

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