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New cottager season: Check the condition of outdoor huts, do not forget about security

New cottager season: Check the condition of outdoor huts, do not forget about security Mercury is slowly getting to spring temperatures and people over the weekend off on the cottage to their second homes prepare for the new season. Odzimování cottage same time may be working on the weekend, sometimes two. What to check if, after the winter months, returning to the cottage? It is important not to miss, for example security, because together with the cottagers in the spring returns to recreational areas and thieves.

Check the condition of outdoor huts

First, we should pay attention to the condition of the roof, whether it jar the stronger the wind, or some animals. We should continue to check the water pipes and the chimney functionality. There is nothing more frustrating than when you throughout the day cleaning sit down at the fireplace or stove and place the evening of well-being have teary eyes from the smoke and smoky chat.

Clean the air

Remember when you arrive to open the windows, ideal for several hours to air properly cleared. If you have a cottage by the river, lake or you are in it simply holds moisture, do not forget to open the windows and the attic or basement. It is also important to view the chat because of mildew. Look closely at the floors, under beds and behind the refrigerator, if there fungus has not spread or settled some insects. Upon departure, then make sure all the basement windows shut, even though they are small, it is for thieves by police is not an obstacle to get to the cottage.

Provide for efficient heating

In the early spring months, it is still necessary to heat the cabin. Especially when you return to it already by March and April weekends, holidays can be a costly, because of heating. If you have old windows that escapes a lot of energy and do not want to change, interesting austerity measures may be blind. "Roller blinds hold a large amount of heat and provide savings for heating tens of percent. It really is a noticeable difference when you are flooded in the evening and at night you pull the blinds, the second day is then in a house or cottage by several degrees warmer, "says Lubomír Valenta (Lomax) and adds:" Blinds also protect windows against heavy rain, hail or strong winds. "

Do not forget about security

First spring temperatures entice course also work in the garden, so many are beginning to cottage svážet mowers, hedge trimmers and other tools. Some people already are moving prematurely to the cottage and bicycles or kitchen facilities. According to experts this period when the weekend does not provide a stable temperature and vacationers at the cottage does not return regularly invites thieves to plunder. More and more Czechs therefore investing in quality security, which currently are not just sturdy locks. "Given that the more people, the cottage becomes a second home and have it often stored valuables fitted their huts more quality doors and garage doors . Instead of conventional doors can additionally acquired by the automatic control, which are specially protected against mechanical opening, "says Lubomír Valenta that sophisticated security currently also bring shutters, where you can set up automatic start and pulled out even if you're not cottage not present. Thieves then it is not clear whether the owners over a week at the cottage or not, if he sees alternately opening and the closing blinds.

Useful Tips experts

What to do? Before leaving the cottage always try to keep a tidy yard, equipped with flowerpots or perhaps soaked pond. This may be a signal potential thieves that the chat regular trips. Ask even the neighbors, whether your garden a little refreshing, if not able to for a long time to come.

What to watch? Do not leave any yard tools, shovels, picks and rakes because they may serve as aids for thieves to intrusion into the cabin.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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