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When the joints ache - movement, alternating with rest

Body pains it may announce that it is time to slow down. Without moving but weaken the muscles and joints and spins a seemingly never-ending spiral. Therefore, every patient with arthritis find or create their own rhythm exercises.

Reasonable movement helps

Generally applicable advice is - if possible, move your will. Articular cartilage do not receive blood supply and nutrients from the synovial fluid. If the joint is in motion, this sucks cartilage wax like a sponge, and is thus better nourished. Doctors recommend that people with chronic arthritis moved, if not directly worsen joint pain. The benefits of regular exercise are endless. What are the main ones?
Reduce swelling and joint pain, faster rehabilitation, slow deterioration of affected joints, improve mood and sleep, reducing anxiety and coping with depression, improve other chronic problems - eg. Diabetes or heart disease.

Walking on yoga

How will an ideal exercise program for people with arthritis? The basis of the lighter half an hour, the gentle movement joints a day. It may be:
aqua aerobics,

These activities Jogging, add 2 more times weekly exercises to increase strength. As required can also include improving the balance. An important principle is to discontinue an exercise program if worsens or directly causes joint pain (not muscle). Although generally we talk about the clear benefits of movement, sometimes it is best to let your body rest. If you currently suffer attack of arthritis, it is advisable to take a break until you do not deal with the pain and inflammation. Relax, try ice packs and hot wall and take anti-inflammatory medications that have been prescribed by a doctor. Once you start feeling better, you can jump back into the established rhythm exercises.

Only without pain

Although the advantage of sport is that he or she can be called. Off, it does not mean that you should not think of the movement. For example, if you suffer hip pain, you do not just give up all exercises. How about instead of walking for a few weeks to try swimming or aqua aerobics? Water relieves joints and you can continue to work on my fitness instead of having to move to completely resign. The point is a simple one: find the right detour around the obstacle, which puts you in the path of arthritis, and not have to stop unless necessary. If you are unsure what exercises are appropriate for you, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist. You will be glad to help you create a program to strengthen the muscles and joints, without incurring the risk of injury. Remember that the move is to bring joy and relieve pain. If it does not, it's time to change something.


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