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dTest: Book Club orders books for you, but you pay

You stand on the first three books with 50% discount, but not an avid reader? Then you need a membership in a book club to think twice. The rules of the club, in actual fact conceal ordering the duty of every člena.Pokud at regular intervals, none of these titles do not order, book club for you and ten others will choose cash on delivery. In addition, the membership can not undo two years. Such rules, however, the law does not allow.

People on discounts hears, accustomed to the fact that registration at various merchants brings loyal customers discounts and other benefits. It appears, however, that not every member is just about benefits. Publishing a book club brand owned by EUROMEDIA GROUP pieces attracted to the club significantly lower prices. But there's a catch. The website presents only advantages of membership in a book club. This consists of a wide selection of tens of thousands of titles at discounted prices Club and the possibility to order them at any hour, any day. Additionally, 5 times a year you get a color catalog for free.

"In addition to the benefits in the form of discounts, however, permanent membership also involves the so-called order binding obligation of each member of the regular news. Unlike the presented advantages, however, it can be found only in the detailed rules Book Club, moreover, is formulated incoherently. Color catalog sends Book Club 5 times a year, as a bonus, the new members but often only later realizes that not only used to scroll through, but mandatory from it must be ordered. If you add another rule to the impossibility of the first two years of membership to terminate, we calculate the total of ten books, which is a member of the club is obliged to purchase, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

If you club member does not order anything, one would expect that he has a book club membership canceled. Instead, the book club rules allow himself to choose a passive member title from the main menu - though he did not order it, it must pay under the rules of the club. Although he does not like, it is to no avail, since the membership obliges him to two years y. If you forget to give two months before the expiration of two years to know that it is no longer interested in continuing membership, extend it to him again the next year without notice.

"Duty from each manuscript catalog order at least one book title, otherwise you will be sent without ordering a sort bestseller, it is not only surprising arrangement, but to consumers as well as arrangements inadequate. The law prohibits supplying consumer goods, which explicitly ordered. Transpose and pay such unsolicited books consumers are not, "says
Luke Green and explains:" the merchant can determine the obligations of membership or a subscription fee. However, it must be included in the application itself, and expressed clearly and intelligibly to new members of the Book Club knew that books are cheaper bought a dozen other duties within two years of purchase. In case of failure to meet this obligation should be a temporary or definitive termination of membership with all its advantages, not the imposition of unrequested best-seller. "

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