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Cycling season begins - bikes are stolen in bulk

The Czech Republic will disappear twenty rounds a day. And even those well-protected, thieves are well calculate that their selling well earn interest on quality bicycles has never ceased. The better ones worth twenty thousand crowns higher, and not the exception, that, despite swings hundred thousand. Last year it lost over 122 million.

From police statistics show that last year was behind these thefts prosecuted nearly 750 people, of which 560 repeat offenders. Bikes are stolen at night and in the daytime and disappears literally anywhere, from the stands, car roofs, basements, garages and balconies. Usually theft, even under tough lock works much better distinctive audible alarm.

Prevention pays off

The owners of expensive wheels would certainly not hesitate and bikes can provide timely Datatag set and registered in the police. Moreover, it is advisable to anti-theft wheel well and insure bikes equipped with this system, and then receive some discount on insurance. Nevertheless, it is necessary to allow for exceptions in the policy conditions and the amount of premiums amounting to several thousand. In essence, you pay quite a similar amount as the liability insurance.

Garage is not safe

"My dream bike I literally embellished," says cyclists Martin Novotny, who spends every free moment on their special worth nearly 150,000. "I got on him a lot of different security features, I'm watching him as the apple of his eye, I made ​​you even catch theft, still scares me the idea that my bike stolen and I get the better case "only" money. In their fear, I got so far that he was at home rather than garážuji in professional storage cubicles, which are guarded and secured with an alarm. I can pick it up or put under lock and vice versa whenever I think and I have a quiet sleep. "

Last year, lost wheels for 122 million!

"Cyclists today are well aware of how attraction of their bikes. Only in 2015, the police reported more than seven thousand thefts with total damage over 122 million. The police then managed to secure the stolen bikes only 677,000 crowns, which is just half a percent of all reported cases, "the frightening statistics Andrew Šubrt of the company that owns the warehouse cubicle, which adds that during the season it with them looks like on a busy cycle path. Today and every day passes the area plenty of cyclists who can pick up here or not tuned to store their pets. Owners of more expensive models know that the garage as well as a balcony disappear every year thousands of rounds that are in most cases already to their owners never return. And so they are able to do its best to prevent theft.

Fuses and guards come out to thousands

It is necessary to realize that ordinary household fuse bike thefts do not cover expensive wheels and this is particularly true. Insurance companies that offer self-insurance exclusively dedicated to bicycles, and in them we find, however, various exceptions, limitations or deductibles. For example, quite commonly do not cover theft of wheels from a car roof rack or open space at night. Often you can also meet with the complicity of the client. The price of insurance policies per round costing up to fifty thousand while climbing up to three thousand per year.

The advanced security features include UV coating then for the permanent marking of the frame, fork and wheels or so. Microdots. On the frame is also attached label and that the wheel is protected. Use can also alarm at the wheel, which will significantly hoot when handling around. It comes from 150 to 300 crowns more expensive up to a thousand. Electronic lock disc brakes with alarm can be purchased from fifteen hundred to two thousand and lock with alarm to the roof rack for two to three thousand crowns. In total, the owner of an expensive bikes worth a security against burglars and several thousands per year.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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