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Prague's first wholly calf is born

In late on Monday, shortly after three o'clock, Janita born after 639 days of pregnancy her first calf. A newborn male with his coming into the world mark in the history of the Prague zoo, because it is the first baby elephant that was not born here, but there were also conceived. Mekong father who sired a calf before his departure to the Dutch Emmen. Visitors to the Prague Zoo cub will probably be able to see for the first time today.

"This is the first elephant in more than eighty-year history of the breed elephants in the Prague Zoo not only born, but there were even conceived. Janita mother of a baby elephant is, we, along with Tamara arrived in 2012 from Sri Lanka, and came into the world in the Valley of elephants, which we opened in 2013. Nothing that we could not say if we did not allow the founder to build the Valley of elephants, if we Czech diplomats led by Miloslav Stašek not help get the Sri Lankan elephant and especially if our team slonařů led by Pavel Brandl and George Javůrek's failed to select and populate the proper procedures for working with elephants, "said Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Approaching childbirth Janita veterinarians monitored daily by the levels of the hormone progesterone. Its values ​​decrease just before delivery to zero. On Wednesday, April 6 640. In addition, he felt, that the middle day of gestation and through all these information were keepers of the event well prepared.
At a quarter to two in the morning, Janie appeared bulge under the tail, which was an unmistakable signal novice birth. Breeders who had at that moment, the service did Janita into the box and gathered the entire team, including veterinarians.

Janita was due to his inexperience in childbirth and tied this process proved to be unfounded. Primipara had initially cub did not accept it and even suggested the attack. "Such behavior is common among inexperienced female elephants and attributed experienced pain during childbirth, which he then connects with young females," explains curator Pavel Brandl. So baby elephant was towed to safety, and after an hour it was gradually moving closer to his mother to get him to get used to.

Janita behavior fortunately changed, and after several failed attempts, the cub four hours after the birth of the first sip of milk. The young male is very active and uses every opportunity to sip from her mother. Meanwhile gathers experience in search of his mother's teat and does not help him at the height nor Janitina. Janita new mother after birth also has a sawmill and receives nourishment and therefore everything is on track.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník

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