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Night with Andersen: The Little Mermaid loaded Ladislav Frej.

Sixteenth Annual Night with Andersen will be held on April 1, 2016 to more than 1,500 registered locations throughout Europe and in distant countries like Australia. The Czech Republic will spend the night at more than 1,200 locations. The theme this year is the 180th anniversary of writing a fairy tale The Little Mermaid.

This event has decided to support turning the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen into audiobook Audioté Although not even one of the places you can participate Night with Andersen in the comfort of your home just by listening to audiobooks, voice Ladislav Frej.

First Night with Andersen took place in 2000 in Uherské library, and this year will involve hundreds of libraries, schools and other institutions throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Each institution program consists of herself, but the idea is to prepare a program for young participants with a diverse tale themed. Night with Andersen organized by the Association of Library and Information Professionals with the support of Ministry of Culture.

Stereo system recorded the audiobook Little Mermaid, which visitors can download for free. A touching story in which fairy sacrifice for love is the most valuable thing - your voice and life. Story loaded Ladislav Frej and is intended not only children but also adults.

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"Even the text in translation Jaroslava Vrchlického and editing Vratislav Šťovíček requires only the fittest artist, it is necessary that the audio release their assonance associated with pohádkářovým skill to empathize with the child's world. Ladislav Frej was the right choice. Every word in his speech has its importance, with interest describes the underwater world and the coast, eager little mermaid meets joyful expectation and she is also confidential tours in numerous disappointments. With the same care he also dramatic passages, which are among the most impressive moments of the whole story. Our long acting experience allowed Ladislav Frej also create a true picture of protectiveness witch grandmother and creepy witch, "says Kamil Pique in his review for

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