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Alcohol nezklidňuje nerves, but rather devastating!

Long-term drinking poses a risk of damage to many organs. Affecting nerves in this context it is referred to as alcoholic neuropathy. According affects an estimated one in five chronic alcoholic. How it manifests itself and can it be treated?

Alcohol and its metabolite acts on the nervous system, like a number of other tissues of the human body, literally as poison. When nerve damage in alcoholics but play next toxic action role of alcohol and other factors. These are mainly malnutrition and lack of vitamins, especially B1 and B12.

Tingling is just the beginning

The first symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy usually appear after years of drinking. They manifest themselves most often in the feet or hands. Concerned feels typically changes such as:
pins and needles,
stabbing pain ,
distortion perception of vibration and position.

Over time, it may also add momentum worsening. Stems from impaired motor nerves. Routine is also increased sweating due to damage to the autonomic nerves. Symptoms associated with alcoholic polyneuropathy typically deteriorate over time and expand. Most often they occur symmetrically on both limbs as well.

The solution is abstinence

For the treatment of neuropathies caused by age-old alcohol abuse requires absolute abstinence. The latter will in many cases require several weeks of stay in the hospital for alcoholism. There are at the beginning mastered life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that alcohol withdrawal may develop. Another condition is good nutrition, and supplement the necessary vitamins, especially B group The alleviation but is very slow and some problems may persist.

Therapy uncertain results suggest that it is better if the alcoholic polyneuropathy from happening. When he was but the first symptoms appear, treatment must be initiated as soon as possible.

Author of the article: MD. Veronika Richter, a psychiatrist
Source: U lékař

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