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Punish you head? Instead, try analgesics B-complex!

Headaches can have many causes. One of these is the lack of vitamins, particularly B2. In the absence of this substance in the long term, it can cause the dreaded migraine.

Headache can cause a variety of factors. They are usually also the result of another disease. They can be divided into primary and secondary. The primary problem is the disease itself, secondary arise due to some other illness. Can be the result of inadequate hydration, irregular regime or poor diet composition. Influence is also lack of movement, stress or frequent computer work.

"Becky" can have strength

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) among water soluble vitamins. It is found in milk, meat, eggs, green vegetables and nuts. It is often available in the form of B-complex (a set comprising vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and folic acid). B-complex may be used as a prevention Hypovitaminosis (insufficient levels of vitamins in the body) or in high doses as a supportive agent in dealing with migraines. It has been demonstrated that are effective in this case, only high doses - 400 mg / day. Low amount of about 200 mg / day does not affect the incidence of migraine. Vitamin B2 Although attributed positive effect on reducing the number of attacks, but pain intensity or the duration of the episodes already formed has no effect. Riboflavin can also have positive effects in treating:
muscle cramps,
eye diseases (glaucoma, cataracts)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (oppression nerve in the wrist).

Uncovering the culprit will determine the direction of the solution

Therapy headaches are very comprehensive and include regime measures and medical treatment. It is important to ensure enough sleep, avoid excessive stress and watch the correct composition of the diet and drinking habits. The Wrong diet may be missing in the body of vitamins and other trace elements that may be associated with headache. Therapy should be based not only on the missing material, but also on finding the causes of congestion. Although the regime measures are important in solving headache play a major role, especially drugs. On mild difficulties apply commercially available preparations (e.g. ibuprofen). When primary headaches is always necessary to visit a doctor and commitment therapy to consult him.

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