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Food allergies along with eczema steal children kilos and centimeters

Experts finally clearly confirmed how the combination of food allergies with eczema inhibit the growth of a child. Smaller these individuals not only in the first year of age, but also in other years, this unfavorable trend persists. Of course there should be a thorough and permanent medical care.

Hypersensitivity to certain foods is a very common problem, especially at a young age. Eczema , another allergic condition, often accompanied by a true food allergy. So far, published studies in this direction have found an association with a lower body weight and height in children. However, none of the work did not consider the effect of allergies in combination with eczema for growth in early childhood. Moreover, there is a comparison of growth parameters children with persistent allergies and those for whom these problems resolved over time.

watching preschoolers

Dr. Beck and collective research department of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, have published an analysis of the growth parameters of children with persistent and retreating food allergy and eczema, which was one and four years. Authors of the study followed more than five thousand children, with small respondents were included in the study, aged one year and then checked to four years. At the outset we were always made skin "prick" test to nuts, eggs and sesame. When proven hypersensitivity reactions were reported in bringing these allergens in the diet. A similar test was repeated four years of age to check whether the problem persists or has faded. Furthermore, the recorded data on the occurrence and extent of the eczema and the child's height and weight at the beginning and end monitoring.

Negative impacts confirmed

The results of the analysis revealed the following:
Children with food allergy and identified simultaneously with eczema were at the age of one year lower body weight and height compared to healthy children.
Individuals with a hypersensitivity to dietary components or only with eczema are yet in terms of growth parameters did not differ in any way from his friends.
Preschoolers who were able to age four from food allergies to grow up, to catch up with their peers in weight and height lag.
Conversely, children with persistent food allergy in the four years will be smaller and lighter, regardless of the condition of eczema.

The important role of professionals and families

From these studies show that children with food allergies and eczema should be from an early age closely monitored. And even when proven hypersensitivity to the terms of child nutrition minor components of the diet. Parents should be informed parties care for eczema, but also must be provided nutritional counseling. All this can reduce the negative impact of the disease on the growth of the child .

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