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What is all about substitution therapy

Be clean, or to escape from the bondage of drugs is extremely difficult. Support to escape mission is dependent on opiate substitution therapy. But the reorientation from one substance to another takes time. Additionally, the process can be accompanied by certain complications.

The ultimate goal is to have abstinence

The goal of replacement therapy is especially help the patient get rid of unwanted behavior associated with drug use, and support efforts to return to normal life. Usually, the longer a person took an addictive drug, and the sooner started, the harder it is to cope with the treatment program. Therapy should always be compiled individually with regard to the personality of the formula and its drug behavior. Especially for younger users, which has managed to stabilize the well, after some time the pursuit of gradual withdrawal of the active substance and achieving full abstinence. If it is a chronically dependent person, success is often a "mere" substitute drug for substitution and improved health and social situation.

The common struggle

In the early stages of treatment, the patient should happen to see your doctor prescribing medication ideally once a week. Always making sure that each dose was under the supervision of trainees, for example, in addictology center. After stabilizing the situation and establish cooperation arrangements can be loosened to arrange meetings once a month. Therapy should never be restricted to just prescribing substitution substances, it is always important links with the overall care of the physical and mental health. The process should be involved in the patient's general practitioner and ideally also a psychologist. It is advantageous to communicate with the patient on the implementation of random testing, substitution drug levels in the blood.

different direction

In the event that treatment does not take place according to the plan established by prior agreement between doctor and patient is always a need for change.
So re-evaluate whether it was properly elected substitution substance and whether its optimum dosage.
It is also useful to enhance psychosocial care for the patient's health - for example, suggest more frequent motivational meetings with a therapist or arrange visits of trained workers in place of the patient's residence.
It is always necessary to odvykajícím individual into detail emphatically discuss what could be the reason for non-compliance with the treatment plan and what led to reduced motivation to continue therapy.
It is advantageous to determine under what circumstances the question most often omits medicine. If the body is lacking substance after three or more days, risk tolerance reduction of the dose of organism substitutes and can easily lead to an overdose.

Volume agent after discontinuation of treatment should always be adjusted. Scrapping the patient from the substitution program should be a last and final resort. Fortunately, in most cases it is not necessary.

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