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Nature heals: Trip to encourage green mind, according to scientists more than wander around town

They once doctors picnics listing on prescription? The conclusions of the studies, which summed up the Web magazine Lifehack show how scenic strolls help our mental health and that really makes man "clear her head".

Stay in nature helps prevent negative thoughts that can lead to anxiety or depression, learned of the latest studies presented. Researchers compared the mood of the people after the 90-minute walk in the city or in the countryside near Stanford University. Those who roamed the natural environment, according to the findings of the study showed a less gloomy thoughts. Compared to those who passed through town, they have also reduced neural activity in the brain that is associated with the risk of mental illness.

According to the scientists may have just the availability of natural areas major impact on the mental health of people in today's rapidly urbanizing world. She now lives in cities, more than half the world's population and it is expected that in 2050 it will have 70%. Now living in cities is associated with a higher incidence of depression and other mental illnesses.

Older studies show that staying in a natural environment without the reach of modern technologies has a positive influence on creativity and ability to solve practical tasks. Experts believe that the availability of technologies and the omnipresent noise constantly disturb us and for us is difficult and exhausting to maintain full concentration. More information in the article study, University of Illinois also help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Doctors at the conclusion asserts that improve the symptoms of ADHD can have simple changes, like the view from the window of the green, half-day outing or play ball in the park.

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