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Breakfast cereals - as if you had breakfast cake

Breakfast is according to many the most important meal of the day. Magazine dTest studied 58 labels of products that manufacturers known as breakfast cereals or foods intended for the breakfast table, and found out what the idea manufacturers of the morning journey to health. It turned out that "breakfast of the box" in most cases consists of one quarter to one third sugar.

Looking for an hour after tea after breakfast? Maybe it's the fact that you had breakfast cereals industry - like chocolate chips and extruded cereal with dried fruit. It is basically a large portion of carbohydrates. A high proportion of carbohydrates, particularly sugars, rapidly increasing blood insulin levels and rapid fluctuations affect the feeling of hunger.

"We bought products like muesli, cornflakes, instant porridge, biscuits, cereal drinks and extruded filled pads. Most of them contain large amounts of sugar, which constitutes a quarter to a third of the content. The absolute tip of the sweet products such as chips or crispy cereal cushions with filling. For example, Penny Choco Chips and Good Morning Pillows from Lidlu containing 100 grams of product 37 grams of sugar, it is about three tablespoons. We expect that similar products of other brands on how they like, "says Hana Hoffmann, editor-dTest. And he adds: "Stogramovou servings of these small rectangles and brown chips adult spends more than half the maximum daily dose of added sugars recommended by the World Health Organization." By this benefit yet counted only sweets, but also sweetened beverages, hidden sugars in prepared industrially processed foods, honey and fruit juices.

Sugar in breakfast cereals occurs in various forms, usually in the form of beet, sometimes cane sugar, barley malt or a glucose-fructose syrup. Manufacturers also use candied or dried fruit or honey. Outside the dried fruit is always added sugar, no matter what name it bears. Carbohydrates are the fuel for immediate and intense activity. If prosedíme most of the day on a chair, not to burn them and stored in fat cells. When consumed excessively and long-term human foods that are full of carbohydrates and other nutrients lacking the contrary, there are hormonal problems resulting in metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes. degree.

"At least we found sugar in corn flakes. Nestle Corn Flakes contain less than one tenth of sugar, which is one and a half teaspoons of sugar per 100 grams, cornflakes Clever less. For sweetened instant oatmeal like Dr. Oetker, Chocolate Porridge from Kaufland and good mashed Bona Vita already boarder must reckon with the influx of more than one tablespoon of sugar 65gramovém packing 100 grams are two spoons. More than a quarter of sugar biscuit for breakfast as Bebe Morning perhaps not surprising cautious we should be in the case of products bearing sophisticated names. For example, Nestlé Fitness Fruits hiding 26 grams of sugar per 100 grams of product, "Hana says Hoffmann.

Industrially produced breakfast cereals are often nutritionally empty foods that modern technology deprived of nutritive substances. Sweet taste more "force" excessive consumption. The problem is that icky taste is addictive. According to some experts, industry products increased sweetness learned clients desire for sweets and overeating it. Consuming artificial, unnaturally concentrated and nutritionally poor foods leads to gain energy and release of dopamine, like cocaine use. Dopamine is a mediator that brings happiness, but its excess leads to addiction. Subsequently, further increasing appetite to eat, even if it does not match any physiologically needed.

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