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Cult ŠKODA 1000 MBX celebrates jubilee

The attractive two-door car debuted in March 1966 at the Geneva Motor Show. Serial production started in October of the same year, spacious five-seater car with the engine of the driven rear wheels at the time belonged to the top-liter class.

"The iconic two-door ŠKODA 1000 MBX richly glazed body symbolically crowned the success of the first velkosériového Czech car, four-door sedan ŠKODA 1,000 megabytes It is also associated with a significant milestone in the development of ŠKODA: it was in the mid-60s was in Mlada Boleslav a significant increase in production volume and in modern mass production applied to a number of advanced technologies, including die casting aluminum block engine and gearbox housing, "says Andrea Frýdlová, director of ŠKODA Museum.

Type MBX based on velkosériového four-door car Škoda 1000 MB, which could boast at that time very modern unitized body mounted engine and the driven rear axle. In the first half of the 60s for him he was in Mlada Boleslav built a completely new factory covering an area of ​​80 hectares, with more than 40 production halls and buildings.

The history of the two-door version of the MBX dates back to 1960, when the two prototypes with internal designation ŠKODA 990 Tudor. Special body with a distinctly sloping rear pillars, the follow-up to the panoramic glass and a pair of doors with frameless windows created in the plant in Kvasiny. Body retain generous interior roominess basic sedan, as a bonus offer better visibility to the sides. Downloadable was not only a glass door, but also smaller glass next to the back benches. Tilting triangular windows to improve ventilation of the interior.

The two-door type ŠKODA 1000 MBX De Luxe was first introduced to the public at the opening of the Geneva Motor Show on March 10, 1966. Visitors conquered original shapes with a large glass surface, optically give the impression that it lacks middle posts. In fact ended central columns in the middle of the body below the line of the vehicle glazing, and their narrow upper part is pulled together with the rear windows. In this moment of tourists enjoy a truly exceptional view of the world and the extraordinary feeling of airiness in the spacious interior.

In the production of cars Škoda 1000 MB and MBX-door to apply cutting-edge technology of the time. ŠKODA as the first European automobile manufacturer has applied in the production of the engine block of aluminum die-casting method, as well originated wardrobe four-speed gearbox. It was a technology invented in 1922 by a Czech engineer Josef Polak, which makes it possible to significantly accelerate the production of aggregates.

ŠKODA 1000 MBX powered petrol engine with an output of 988 cm3 38 kW (52 hp) at 5,000 min-1, a car with a curb, respectively. 815/375 kg payload reached top speed of 127 km / h. Consumption was 7.8 to 8.0 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. The standard was a pair of carburetors Jikov, only a few dozen pieces are applied jednokarburátorový engine. Time-consuming assembly of ŠKODA 1000 MBX-intensive manual work in October 1966 ran in a separate operation Mlada Boleslav automaker to "bringing about" the main production line. The last twelve pieces of a total of 1,403 specimens liter hilarious arose in early 1968.

Meanwhile, in November of 1967 enriched the range of ŠKODA's dynamic implementation of the 1100 MBX De Luxe. Engine power with a volume of 1107 cm3 has not changed, the main contribution lay in the news more flexible engagement (81.4 Nm compared with the previous 75.5 Nm). Other modifications mention efficient oil pump and efficient cooling. Stronger version of the 1969 produced 1,114 pieces, created a total of 2,517 two-door car MBX. Compared with really high-volume production four-door type of Skoda 1000 MB (443,156 copies), although it was a small number, but even so, this version has significantly contributed to the popularization of the ŠKODA brand in many demanding international markets, which were exported. Today, this model very popular and valued veterans with significant value growth. The successes of the attractive two-door MBX soon followed legendary coupe Škoda 110 R (1970-1980), followed by ŠKODA cars Garde and Rapid.

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