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Jiri Holub: Lazing I perfected!

"I think when I mention that in the morning I get up with the idea of ​​how much I look forward to again, I'm in bed and I it had not climbed, gives a very clear answer to this question (laughs) and there is no need for it in any way to further develop ! ... "

Late last year, after a long time he has published a book. Get closer to us. What inspired you, what prompted you to grasp the theme of the Sudetenland after the war?
Somewhere I mentioned that as it may grandmother. In her eighties she told us how grandpa moved into the Sudetenland, where he got a job. They took over the house almost alone, where my grandmother farmed six days a week alone, grandpa drove home from work only on Sundays. One night she awoke crash of glass and crept into the hallway with a bayonet, which eventually plunged into an uninvited visitor. The story ended words - what are wondering just me or he, remember, was fresh after the war, in the woods just swarming existencema ...
Now this story I originally wanted to write, but how is it that writers, especially those who can not write by a predetermined skeleton of the story, it becomes, it has been driven entirely different direction ... The end result actually have a chance to read!

Why such a long break since the release of the previous books?

Since my release from the book How to get rid vindictive Soni in 2011, always something coming up. Gradually released all three of my children's books to Slovak, so I did not feel that I did not write anything for a long time. The other excuse could be a strongly developed weak will. I rozjízděč, unfortunately, no longer pretensioner! Even with just forgot me it did not look rosy. I write the story began some three years ago, the first zeal waned as always fast, and so the manuscript ended up in your old laptop, where he slowly sat virtual dust. When my computer virus because of some left, I left undamaged files to box and when passing stumbled upon a folder with unfinished manuscript. I read it again and suddenly it went. Over the years, I have not finished Nacala and other things that have not yet met a similar fate. Let's see if now, when I dragged one manuscript in the end, it comes to something else, or I'll mess around with complete novelty ...

If I know the years 2011 and 2012 were very fruitful - give you just three books, which is rather unusual for you. Surprise us after such a long silence early next title?

Especially in 2012 was a turning point for me, I flew a missile into another dimension. It was a boom načatých things while studying at the Literary Academy of Josef Skvorecky. I was lucky that it went on the market this pretty quickly behind. I debuted his first film for the adults Requiem for the Countess and released a children's book about the craziest Getting rid of vengeful Soni. It seemed that after year, this new book. And in fact it is translation appeared, but then came your questions and I realized that I was just imagining (laughs).
As already noted, in a virtual drawer is something going on, flies are a few things unfinished. I would like to once again plunged to the children's book, I have a few ideas, what would my children fans might like. If it does, it will black, wild, smackers and unfair as everything before that, I can promise you!

Then I'm in a state of "skorohotovo" a grown-up affair to which I go back several years and which is struggling with problems of unmarried mothers today, her black son and pet miniprasátka, which like everything had listed out of control. If you finish it, it will be the first thing in the present, in which, under the literature grown-deserts. Greater chance, however, has a story with the working title Veronika dawn and the second part Veronika at dusk, which is closer to my writing that first part again takes place in the past, in which I somehow pisálkovsky moves better. But all of what I'm talking about is in the state that would still considerable hope readers do not!

Just me forget for adults - makes you able to move between genres and readers? Focus is now more on adults?
I'm such an unbalanced personality, at least, what literary field oraného terms. I'm terribly fun to write for children, it's much more spontaneous, playful and a person can afford to go to the limit of what children's literature can and can not do. I enjoy moving in places where the imaginary sign "Beware, keep no more!" And out of spite for them here and there may tap and make the wind in the current boredom and "europříbězích" so drab and decommissioned, it is no wonder that children do not read.
At this writing it is for little readers incredibly nice. According to surveys of libraries and books my children a lot of fun, maybe because they do not warn, does not judge, they do not teach, do not bring ... And this little reader in the context of the current "euromasáže" probably appreciates.
Write for the adults in my back up is not so different. I just do it a little bit between the lines spontaneously enters melancholy, unusual for children's books, and together with me in them getting child narrator, whose speech is probably somewhere inside me just somehow closer.

Reactions to the story are very positive, but readers criticize its scope - have you thought about the continuation of the story?
Continued certainly not the story concluded momentum and at its end is willed - it's one slap after another, life as simply sometimes and definitely does not mean that when you are in it became something nasty that immediately thereafter becomes something nice. Range is a typical "holubovina." I can write several hundred-page novels, my stories are like snacks, Slupno quickly, sometimes so quickly that they forget the toothpick in the middle and a little injured man. So it happened with me just to forget, and if it worked that way, I'm just glad for it, because it is fulfilled my original intention.

Again raconteur eight year old girl (as in Requiem for a countess), why?

As I said, I can not explain why, but this stylization little storyteller, hence little storyteller, as I sit in the children and in dospěláckých books. Maybe it's that telling children can afford to be spontaneous, to judge without expecting a backlash - reader allows the child more than an adult. So that it did not seem to get over it literally can not pass, and the Requiem, although it tell Joan beginning eight years, but the story is aging and keep it tells a teenager, a student and then as a mature woman! In just forgot to me again the story begins to tell the old lady who is just returning to a certain age, which is essential for her story.

Critics will belong to the author of children's books do you like in this little box? Where would you place yourself included?
Truly? Personally, I think my only child publishers somehow mistakenly published books that are actually in effect for adults! They are situated so that the reader gets a little perceives story that amuses him, but things turn around decrypts the only adult who reads the book. That is why they love even those adults who, when reading their own failure, but must always be alert and censor, zaonačovat that during reading not get into a situation where they have to explain what Holub meant by this, or what was that supposed to mean ! (laughter)
Otherwise I inclusion of children's author certainly fits. The other grandmother, whose incredible life story you ever going to, always said: "Sometimes it comes wisdom with age, sometimes come alone for years." I evaluated like the other case, so as "a child in the body of a grown-up" little box author of children's books not resist not even a little!

Where innovation originated - at home, across the border?

They just forgot to me is a matter of Rapa Nui, Chile and Nicaragua. Three missions, and result in front of you (laughs).

Can we expect a thriller from Holub's foreign trips?

If so, I hope that the mere fact of literary, that I will not have to contend with the fact that I would one day have simply forgotten!

What to expect in the near future?

Even before they open the lock, I pack my backpack and I'm off to his beloved Chile and Easter Island, to check whether someone motionless statues (laughs). Next Tuesday I'll go head up. I have a few days off, so with him přibaluju two unfinished manuscripts, one child, one grown-up - we'll see on what you upside down, I'll find some time ...

How are you going for another season at the castle, what surprises await us on the mat?

Almost a month smells of polish, February is a month of large-General cleaning where every object, if Rohozec to circa 30,000 units, Dock that is taken into the hands dusted, washed, waxed, treated against woodworm, fungi, molds. .. floor leštěnkový get new paint, doors oil the hinges, chandeliers, new bulbs, simply magnificent event that swallowed an entire month. Do it completes the chateau painting the entrance area, the attic is disposed of hazardous asbestos, corrects the valley and changing rotten beam in the roof, just one of those Castellan reality. Nothing new will not open this year, rather complements resulting installation, and restore and our three areas are waiting for the first visitors.

You wrote a novel about Cervena Lhota, it comes as novel Rohozec? If yes, how much will stick fate of the last owners of the castle?

The mat is a bit complicated, long-term restitution keeps him in such a stage that involuntary downturn. Writing stories to be found here but enough! A family history is extremely rich in scandals and tragic life stories, who knows? Perhaps even for them to happen, and manages to make them more grown-novelku ...

Can you laze? As a lazy look?

I if I can laze? Lounging I perfected! If I had not called Holub, I would have had the surname of Procrastination! I am a hedonist, I love sleeping, books, days when I do not have anything where I can at the cottage rolling out in the hammock, where I read, sleep, eat ... I think when I mention that I get up in the morning with the idea of how much I am looking forward I'll turn up in bed, and I it had not climbed, gives a very clear answer to this question (laughs) and it does not need to further develop!

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