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SIDI sleep? It gained ground in order to head!

Lack of a quality night's rest can be a big mistake. Accumulated fatigue is often reflected in the form of annoying headaches. So try to sleep Do not shorten too much at the expense of work or entertainment.

important proteins

Irregular regime guided by a moment of rest in susceptible individuals may cause migraines or other headaches. Patients who suffer from migraines have long, this may increase the frequency and intensity of attacks. Periodic pain decreases quality of life and cause emotional distress. It is no exception that the days with migraine outweigh the number of days without difficulty. American scientists in one of the experiments found that when sleep deprivation leads to increased production of key proteins that modulate chronic pain. Low levels of these substances are associated with pain relief, increased conversely facilitate its formation.

Try to outrun problems

Not all headaches can be influenced. If a patient is predisposed to develop migraine, apparently there arises irrespective of regime measures. However, it can mitigate the impact of problems and reduce the frequency of events. You can try the following:
Regular routine and get enough sleep. Staying in bed for the organism in a time when regeneration occurs.
During physical exertion releases endorphins that act as natural painkillers.
Plenty of fluids.
Headache is one symptom of dehydration. Drinking regime, therefore we must not forget.

Do not underestimate the relaxing moments

Although the present time too does not record a healthy lifestyle and regular daily routine, we should still try them. Many of the health problems that are gradually becoming more lifestyle diseases, self-inflicted. Number of activities and tasks that we have to meet every day, does not allow enough time for rest and sleep. Headaches may indeed be caused by other diseases and their origin applies a wide variety of pathophysiological mechanisms. However, regular and adequate sleep can reduce their occurrence.

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