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Jaguar luxury cars can park in April arcades Pankrác

In the days 7 to 27 April will take place in OC Arkady Pankrac in Prague exhibition luxury sports car brand Jaguar models. Visitors can view with their own eyes the legendary British car brands that almost 80 years pushing the boundaries of the impossible. Unique exhibition in the arcade map the history of the Jaguar brand since the early interwar models to current production.

Fans can look forward to the SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre, the first mass-produced car with the Jaguar name, but also the most famous model of the brand E-TYPE, which is considered the most beautiful car in the world. In the arcades will present both its versions, coupe and roadster. Legendary model E-TYPE became the fastest series-production car of its time.

Absolute new Jaguar model F-TYPE SVR, the maximum speed reaches 322 km / h, arrives at the Arcade directly from its world premiere from the Geneva Motor Show, as well as the first-ever SUV of the brand, model F-PACE, which will also begin selling in April this year. The exhibition will also present one of the two cars driven in the Czech Republic Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7, which was produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces.

Inspection exhibited models, but fun at the arcades begins. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, people can participate in the competition with interesting prizes, the winner of the main prize gives Jaguar a week plus a diamond worth 50,000 crowns. How it works is simple. In the shortest time possible to assign images to ten cars on the touch screen to their correct name.

Extra program on the weekend of April

The exhibition and accompanying events that will inspire both large and small automotive enthusiasts. Three weekends in April will offer great entertainment and memorable experiences.

Since Friday, the 8th April until Sunday, April 10 "parks" in the arcades unique Trailer of The Art of Performance Tour, which brings with him more than half a dozen cars Jaguar. Most of these fast cars will roam around the mall where it will drive experienced drivers who are behind the wheel but also releases the interested public. They will therefore be able to try out on your own driving characteristics of these "wild cats".

A week later, on Saturday, the 16th from April 12 to 14 hours before they are Arkady Pankrac flock owners of Jaguar, who, after the opening program before embarking on a shopping center shared a ride to the historic center of Prague. Cars in the context of the ride arrives to Wenceslas Square and then head back to Arkady Pankrac.

During the last weekend of April 23 to 24, the organizers of the exhibition in captivity Jaguar prepared for the visitors Arcades real treat. Both Saturday and Sunday from 13 to 17 hours the attendees the first opportunity to try a ride in a brand new model F-PACE, as well as other models of the brand. The mere possibility of driving a car Jaguar is truly extraordinary experience in the arcades but also those interested can now choose from five different models. Or even try them all.

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