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Ladder 2015 Castles CZ - Event of the Year. For the first time with Coats and Slovak

Ladder 2015 Castles CZ - Event of the Year. For the first time with Coats and Slovak First place in the poll Ladder 2015 Event of the Year category, won the musical-cultural festival Hrady CZ, left behind in second place Srdcebeat tour band Kitts and Rock for People festival.

Awards supporters confirmed the ever-increasing popularity of the festival, which this year debut and the Slovak Republic, namely the 10th September Cerveny Kamen Castle near Bratislava, where this year's tour concludes.

The twelfth edition of the festival will start this year on the 15th July Tocník the castle during the summer will travel on Friday and Saturday after other Czech and Moravian sights, specifically Kunětická Mountain, Švihov, Rosenberg, Veveří, Hradec nad Moravicí, Bouzov and Bezdez.

Castles festival CZ annually presents to the public the best of Czech and Slovak music scene, the festival this year the number of concerts for the first time a rock band Kabat. Fans can also look forward to the group Divokej Bill, Mandrage, Prague Selection, Xindl X or padlock.

Like last year, will take place Friday and Saturday program on two large stages with high quality sound and lights and a plethora of well-known artists. There will also be traditional carnival party Friday, Saturday will offer all-day music program.

Historically, for the first time at this year's festival will coat the band, to which the fans can look forward to all Czech and Moravian stops Festival. "The coat is easily the most successful Czech band and we are pleased that we will be able to visitors to the castle to present this year. We sought her for a long time, this year it finally did and we hope that fans will be satisfied, "says co-organizer of the festival Hrady CZ Michal Sestak." Because of Bohemia and Moravia is not much space, where the festival to expand, and the project is more more and more interested, we decided this year to try to expand into Slovakia. One pilot festival called Slovak castles and will take place at the castle Cerveny Kamen, "the second of the organizers Viktor Soucek.

Festival organizers Castles CZ thinks annually for the convenience of visitors, the number is still growing. Already last year acquired new areas of the festival stops at Bezděz and Kunětická Mountain, spread out facilities for camping outside the complex, next to the campus added a food shop, has been increased and restrooms. This year I will be next to the tent cities in operation comfortable VIP camping Castle surcharge offering accommodation in a guarded area with its own bathroom and refreshments. The festival will continue Castles CZ Fixa Vypsaná example, Desmod, Poletíme ?, Rybičky 48, Heaven, Smrtislav, UDG and other artists and bands.

Dates and places

15 to 16 7th Tocnik
22 to 23 7th Kunětická hora
29 to 30 7th Švihov
5th-6th 8th Rožmberk
12 to 13 eighth Veveří
19 to 20 eighth Hradec nad Moravicí
26 to 27 eighth Bouzov
2 to 3 9th Bezděz
10. 9. Cerveny Kamen

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