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Angry Sun: Australia burns strongest in the world

K is slowly coming winter, and on the other side of the globe occurs summer. Although many Europeans miss the warm rays, such Australia is not much to envy. Excruciating heat of the past several seasons show that the stay Down Under would be imprudent for our countrymen could literally be harmful.

Australia has a record of several years of extreme temperatures. It is the turn of the year 2012-2013 was actually so hot that it was nicknamed the "angry summer" or angry summer. 90 days to overcome 123 weather records, which concerned not only the temperature but also the exceptional rains and flooding. Australia recorded hottest day in January, the warmest summer average temperature from the beginning of records and a record seven days in a row with a temperature exceeding 39 ° C. The weather forecasting even have to be introduced new color - for temperatures between 52 and 54 ° C.

At the top of the rankings

High temperatures are caused by extremely strong impact of the sun on this small continent. According to the maps published in 2006 by the Institute for Energy Mines parity in Paris it is Australia's largest area inhabited by people with such strong solar radiation. Other such areas include just east China (Tibet) and Central Africa (at the common borders of Sudan, Chad, southern Libya and southern Egypt).

treacherous UV

Sunlight is composed of visible light and invisible rays of heat responsible for, and also for sunburn. The latter is responsible for the UV radiation that penetrates through clouds, glass and clothing. Sun and shows its hostile face - Australia is the country with the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. To age 70 is diagnosed in two of the three local inhabitants.

Without protection for their lives

For both locals and tourists were formed by UV news Australian Department of Meteorology, which warns of the danger of high radiation intensity in different locations and at different times of the day. This broadcast is part of the weather forecasts for each region. With known. UV index is the intensity of radiation is divided into five stages from low to extreme. For all except the lowest, it is recommended to protect against the sun. As?
Wrap yourself - already one layer of clothing can reduce the amount of UV rays hitting your skin.
Grease to
- use sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 and apply it every two hours.
Cover with - no headgear not go out into the sun.
Take cover - in the shadows you will be better.
Put the glasses - the best are those that does not let the sun or sides.

On hot days, also do not forget to drink regularly.

The above precautions underestimate nor podmračených days when it looks like the sun is not shining. So do not bring your holiday damaged skin and resulting additional problems.

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