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Hepatitis lurks everywhere - at work or on vacation

Jaundice is more species. As well as can vary their course, even with different ways of disease transmission. If you underestimate hygiene or exchanging needles during drug use, hepatitis, you probably will not miss. It's just what type of contracting.

"Áčko" threatens children and soldiers

Hepatitis A is also known as a disease of dirty hands. That suggests many things about the mode of transmission of this disease, which is often caused by poor hygiene. Poorly washed hands have come into contact with the virus situated in the stool of an infected person, they bring germs directly into the mouth still a healthy person and infect it.

The individual may also get ill after eating contaminated food or water. Increased risk of infection with hepatitis A include:
preschool and school age,
individuals traveling to areas with increased incidence of the disease,
medics, soldiers, personnel management or other persons who may be hepatitis A often exposed in the exercise of their profession,
sexually promiscuous people,
people living with ill people.

Tattoos at risk

Viruses Hepatitis B and C are in contrast to previous species transmitted by contact with blood, semen or other body fluids of an infected individual. Among the groups of people who are hepatitis B and C at the most risk, therefore:
individuals who repeatedly intravenously administered drugs or medication
persons who have undergone transfusions of blood or organ transplant before 1992,
sexually promiscuous persons,
Children born to an infected mother,
travelers heading to risk areas
health workers and other professionals working with human blood,
people living with an infected person,
people who have had tattoos or piercings.

If you belong among vulnerable groups, it is necessary to consider vaccination against hepatitis A or B (or against both diseases). Vaccination is the only truly effective method that makes it possible to prevent the development of hepatitis. Against type C vaccine scientists are still looking.

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