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If you want to change the health insurance company? It's time.

Health insurer can give you the freedom to choose and also it in legal terms change. If you want to catch the earliest date changes, you must request it by 31 March. When, why and how to change the health insurance company? What to watch?

Basic health care for all clients across the seven health insurers and equal pay for medical services are firmly determined by decree. Insurance companies, however, compete with each other various bonuses and benefits they offer to their clients. These benefits often used for prevention programs, because it is in the interest of insurance companies have healthy clients who will benefit medical care the least.

"Anyone can freely choose their insurance company, only newborns are automatically insured by the insurance company mother. The most common reason to change insurers often situations when the client wants to be treated by a doctor or a device which does not have its current health insurance contract. Another attraction are various benefits for clients. Before you let them persuade you always see if your doctor is a health insurance company to which you want to go, contract, "suggests Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Health insurance can be changed only once a year, within the statutory deadlines. From 2016 are two possible dates, and the first January and 1 July. A change in health insurance but must be requested at least three months in advance, ie September 30 and March 31.

To change your insurance company, you have to personally go to the branch of insurance company with which you want to register. The branch network eg. The General Health Insurance is very dense, with insurance companies with fewer clients, you might have to travel a little further. At the branch to fill out the registration form and the transition has been handled insurance. To register, do not forget to bring an ID card.

In case the state pays premiums, you must also submit a certificate proving entitlement to inclusion in the appropriate category (child, student, pensioner). Self-employed person shall submit a confirmation of previous advances paid health insurance. Mail will then come a health card (insurance card). During the next visit, you also need to change health insurance companies inform their physician.

Health insurance companies sometimes make "recruiting clients" in shopping centers or on the street. "Similar offers always carry the risk of inaccurate information and the risk that under pressure not choose correctly. If you are considering a change, it's good to hear the offer, at home and then find details on the website of the insurance or optat by phone or at a branch. Always mainly verify that all the key physicians to visit, have given the insurance contract, "says Luke Green.

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